How to Use TimAlerts to Make a Profit

How to Use TimAlerts to Make a Profit

How to Use TimAlerts and Make Profits But The Answer to This Question Will Stun YouSo I’ve had a lot of people visiting this site to learn how to “USE” TimAlerts. Well this is a brief article to tell you the best way to do that! How to use TimAlerts the best to make profit is to simply actually learn how to trade on your own. You purchased TimAlerts to watch what Tim is doing, you did not buy it to follow his lead, because one thing you may not understand is that, when he is buy or selling and you get the text or the message or whatever.

In most circumstances, it’s already too late for you do anything. Yes, yes… You can follow along with a trending stock and make some money. But if you believe you can just walk up to the plate and do exactly what Timothy Sykes is doing. Then you are crazier then I am! Although, there is an upgraded version from TimAlerts THAT CAN help you learn how to get in front of a trade even before Tim messages you about!

(Remember by not learning how to trade. You’re basically at the whim of companies that do this! It’s important to learn how to trade!)

Yes I know right? You want something easy? We all do, but let me put it like this. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to purchase a couple DVDs and a Penny Stocking Silver membership for a year then it is to lose all of Grandma’s Retirement money. You should be nodding your head right now, because you know I’m for real! You can’t get more clear then that, right?

So here it is again. But this time, even easier to understand.

You can not use Tim Alerts to make a profit trading …. Unless …. You know how to trade or at least the fundamentals of the type of trading Tim is doing. I mean once you’ve gotten hang of trading the way Timothy Sykes does, then you can downgrade to Tim Alerts and make a very healthy profit off of his picks! But something amazing happens when you learn how to trade, you don’t need Tim anymore.. And as much as he would love to keep taking your money, he has said straight from his own mouth, he wants YOU to become self reliant in the market and be able to find your own picks!

So with that said this is how you get to that point and if you are on a budget this is the DVDs I would purchase (note that this list is for those who have no idea where to even start!):

Pennystocking DVD by Timothy Sykes:

This DVD is absolutely crucial for you get started, you can not leave this one on the table if you do all these other resources will not help you as much. I’d also suggest you getting Pennystocking part Deux but only if you have some cash left over after these other resources. You can read my reviews of both of these DVDs here.

Penny Stocking Silver Membership (Monthly or Annual):

This membership will give you thousands of videos to watch and it’s basically stealing it away for how cheap it is! You will get the fundamentals down by continuing to watch Tim trade, but to also get commentary on why he does what he does and when as well give you in depth information regarding tactics he is using and how he is finding his trades. You’ll also get a great library of videos of failed stock plays and those are almost more important then his wins, because it prepares you for lose. Because it happens!

If you are afraid to trade, you are not alone and you don’t have to act like you’re not, it’s actually very normal for many people! You are jumping into something new “risking” money that you might not have, or took you forever to accumulate, if you are you might want to read my last post about it by clicking here!

Check this:
You can read my review about Penny Stocking Silver here.

Short Stocking by Timothy Sykes:

This DVD will help you understand how to play and short stocks, which Tim does quiet often and very, very well! If you want to go this route you’ll need this DVD. Otherwise you can always play long (buy low / sell high), but you are leaving an entire dimension of trading off the table when you avoid using these time tested techniques and patterns that he exposes you too in this mind blowing DVD! You can read my review about it here!

Tim Fundamentals Part Deux:

This DVD is absolutely essential to your education. This is the prime reason you’ll be able to walk away from Tim later in your trading career because this DVD explains exactly what to do when looking for stocks to trade and how to do it. The walk-through is wonderful and I HIGHLY suggest you pick this up. I’ve not written a review for this DVD yet, but will when I go through again (which I suggest you do many times on all these DVDs)

Now for those who want to take their studies to the next level I also recommended these titles below. But remember for those who are looking for the bare minimum the above DVDs and membership is what I suggest to start off with!

Learn Level 2 – I’ve gone through this and it’s very helpful when it comes to reading Level 2. If you do not know what level 2 is then visit the link and watch the video.

Timdicators – This is a seminar that Tim did in Las Vegas, it has many different highly successful traders who share tid bits about how they trade and what you can do to trade better. You can read my review of this here.

So that’s about it. So now it’s time for you to understand how to use TimAlerts to truly make a profit… And now you know, it’s much more then just following a “guru” around on the market. Follow Tim’s lead while you are learning yourself! Very important! So now you know!

-Griffith Trader Hawk


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