Current Review of Timothy Sykes’ Pennystocking Silver Subscription

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Current Review of Timothy Sykes’ Pennystocking Silver Subscription

First thing is first, here is an article that explains a great free video case study that you should take a look at as well! It’s free to sign up for.

Review of Timothy Sykes Silver Subscription and Tim Alerts Buy PurchaseSo I’m about oh, I think almost two months into using the Silver subscription from Timothy Sykes and I guess it would be a good time as any to review so far what I’ve gone through and what I think and what my current situation is when it comes to understanding trading and what not! So here we go!

So I’m pretty much right on the end of my 60 days of the subscription, and it would be important to note that when you sign up for the subscription you’ll be sent a video every day for you to watch. These 60 have been selected as the “best of the best” if you will out of the ever expanding data base of wisdom and tactics! I believe at this month of early 2014 there is something like 1400+ videos available for you to learn how to trade. Which I believe is absolutely amazing considering the price that you pay for the year or month!

I mean yes his other DVDs and what not will get right down to the strategy so those are cool too.. But I mean if you are starting out this is an absolute GEM! It’s a fucking piece of gold! Really! There are things about being able to go through so many examples that just help burn patterns and recognition into your brain so that you can spot possible trades and trades to stay the hell away from! Since I started my knowledge of reading charts my understanding has improved %1000 and I’ve gone through Timothy Sykes DVDs several years ago as well (so that’s on top of everything I’ve already learn from Tim). Of course back then I was not trading but more or less priming my brain for being able too in the future!

Since that time has come, I’ve learn many different ways on how to scan for stocks what to look for, what to see during a trade and how I should re-act to the changing winds of the stock market and the trade at hand! In the end though it’s hard for me to really pass along the real treasures that I’m getting from the Timothy Sykes’ Silver Subscription (which comes with TimAlerts too) because it’s something you have to experience, you have to be dedicated and be ready to put forth the effort to go through these videos and keep up with them! But it really comes down to what’s in your heart! Do you have higher ambitions in life or do you just want to make it by like every one else?

Because in the end, it really is your choice, you have so many opportunities to learn to become something better then you are now! And let me tell you, from the small amount of trading I’ve done so far and have been right on every single account of trading, I can say this is VERY EMPOWERING!! (do note the loss at the time of Feb 2014 was due to because of software issues which you can read about here which is actually a good lesson to read about being able to get out of a stock!). What I also want to note is that I’m not a new comer to the making money area.. I live off of marketing websites and selling goods online as well.

So I know the rush and the evolution that comes when one breaks through barriers of income. But I believe wholeheartedly that being able to have called %100 of my stock picks I’ve played in so far, be it real money or in paper trading, I can say this is much more powerful then any other vehicle I’ve used for creating income. I’ve not traded for a little while now mostly because I’m still moving through all the DVDs which you can see in my Library section above. I’m also self teaching myself Japanese while I’m learning trading and there is a reason why.. actually a couple.

I’m moving to Japan in a few years to study Japanese. I’m also fascinated by the Japanese and another reason is that learning a language while learning something new helps you improve your long term memory and increases the size of your hippocampus and it makes everything just so great… but so does smoking pot while studying .. hey why not right? But do know, it’s best to always beware of stranger danger… by following these few steps, you can avoid your account being raped… just replace any given keyword with “Penny Stock Newsletter“.

But really I do so much studying that I actually have to take several days off from pure trading education so it can balance my mind and give it a rest so I can come back to it fresh. So I would highly suggest you either join me in learning Japanese or learning another language while you work through your trading videos!

If you pass up this opportunity to learn from a true genius in terms of seeing and recognizing penny stocking patterns then you’re an idiot and I tell you that because I care (a little bit) about your trading account and you as a person! It’s bullshit to watch your account get whittled away as your heart pounds waiting for an absolution… that will never come, as you get raped by the minute while a pumped stock steals your lunch money!

Yeah that’s right. I went there and since I did let’s pretend that at this point, your trading account just got fucking crushed like those people on the Titanic!

Now you have a choice to go back in risking even more money trying to gather up dead people (dollars) from the ship (stock) hoping for it to resurrect and come back to the surface… hoping some how… some way.. everything will be okay and you’ll get to break even save face and your account…OR…… you could take the necessary action and get yourself educated by clicking here! Because waiting for an absolution is fucking WRONG!

Let me put it into words that you may be able to understand from this twisted joke… By learning through Timothy Sykes videos it will help you be able to let go of fucking Jack when he freezes to the fucking door floating in the water and admit you’re wrong and move on to a more profitable stock pick without losing your ass to a pump!

With that said You might want to watch this video here, it will help you understand the psychology and the ultimate end re-action of what happens to people who believe stock pushers on the internet and hold through the pumps crash – it could be good for you, go check it out!

So be cool stay in school:

But one other thing you’ll get out of the Silver Subscription since we’re on this subject is that you’ll get to see Timothy Sykes fucking up as well and you will get to see when he does, how he it went about it and how he limited his losses from being wrong. Because at the end of the day, it’s just as important to know how to be a good loser. It’s capital preservation and you need to fucking know it!

But really, take my word for it! This is something amazing. You get so much material and you get alerts and heads up of stocks that could move! I of course wouldn’t suggest just depending on the watch list though, because the material helps you know even before the watch list comes out what is in play and what isn’t. It will help you find stocks that are in play during the day and that is something that you can not put a price on! Being able to rely on yourself is fucking priceless!

Say it!

“Relying on myself is fucking priceless”

Say it again!!

“Relying on myself is fucking priceless!!!”

Okay good since we are at an understanding it’s time to take your studies to the next level! Click here to get started… Be sure to have your shit in order though. Don’t fucking get this if you even think you’re going to bitch out. Because if you believe you’re going to bitch out on learning how to trade, then you should just get out of trading all together! And that’s straight from the mother fucking heart brother! I care… but not that much.. Remember that! But you should care a lot more then I do! It’s your life! Live it up!

Make it so number one!

Click here to get started Now!

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

PS: I can also recommend checking out the home page for more articles like this one.

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