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You can view this page as my library and or my “degrees” in trading if you will… Although of course it means something else too… Just because someone has a degree on their wall doesn’t mean they know how to apply it… So just because it’s here does not mean I fully agree with or have fully used the information in it! I’ll be sure to do reviews of information I believe is worth while and something to look into… One other thing, some of these are in my library but does not mean I fully went through it… Which means that those with out reviews could mean that I’ve gone through them and have not yet wrote anything or it’s still being reviewed! – Enjoy

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First here is some FREE stuff I can give you: (free it always awesome!)

Alpha 7 Free Stock Market Share Training for Beginners

Trading Educational DVDs

Pennystocking by Timothy Sykes
Pennystocking Par Duex by Timothy Sykes
Shortstocking by Timothy Sykes
Tim Raw by Timothy Sykes
Tim Fundamentals by Timothy Sykes
Tim Fundamentals Part Duex by Timothy Sykes
Tim Tactics by Timothy Sykes
Read SEC Filings by Timothy Sykes & Michael Goode
Learn Level 2 by Timothy Sykes
Timdicators by Timothy Sykes
Fous Trading by Cameron Fous
Fous4x2 by Cameron Fous
Investorslive DVD Textbook Trading by Nathan Michaud
Trading with the Gods by Alan Oliver
Candle Charting Essentials and Beyond by Steve Nison


Neall Concord Cushing – Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer
Neall Concord Cushing – Secrets of the Law of Vibration
Neall Concord Cushing – Secrets of Trading and Making Money
Patrick Mikula – Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled Vol. 1
Patrick Mikula – Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled Vol. 2
Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor
H. Nejat Seyhun- Investment Intelligence from Insider Trading
Brett Steenbarger – Psychology of Trading
Timothy Sykes – An American Hedge Fund
Fooling Some of the People All of the Time – David Einhorn
Jesse Livermore – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

24 thoughts on “My Library
  1. You willing to trade your investors dvd for Jason bond’s basics of swing trading course? $495 value plus I have steve nison’s candlestick charting DVD series that retails for $2000

    • I have Steve Nisons stuff already, never looked at any Jason Bond though. But my Investors DVD is streamed on I’ve tried to download it with programs but it has anti-download protection on it! I guess I’d hit you up if I could but I can’t. Thanks for contacting me!

  2. Hey is there a chance that you would let me access your account for a week to watch&study Investors Live DVD textbook trading? I’m just starting out with a small account – you can change your password after… I thought this would be worth asking. Let me know if you have any offers via email, thanks- much appreciated.

    • I can appreciate your situation being that I’ve been there. I also respect you for asking, although in the end of this, it’s not so much just the password being changed, it’s mostly that I do not want to risk anything happening to my affiliate account. Even though I built this blog to mostly be my trading diary, it also creates me a passive income, and I not sure if has anything to stop sharing such as this… Plus to be honest, I’d never give my password to someone online! As much as investors live kicks ass, if you got the skills to torrent Tim’s videos you’ll be fine starting there if you are low on the capital side of things. Best of luck to you, perhaps you’ll be able to find it floating around somewhere!

  3. Hi i had a question about Fous 4×2. I received a copy from a friend that claims he recorded it but im not sure if parts 4-7 are real. Are parts 4-7 just realtime trade examples?

  4. ok i think the copy i have is legit just one more question it seems as if dvds 1-3 has the Fous 4×2 in green written on top and dvds 4-7 dont. They are just trading examples of the F patterns but no Fous 4×2 logos on the top. Is this correct? Part 4 starts off with “Comparing A Winning F pattern to a Losing F-pattern” ? Can u double check for me because my friend charged me for the course and I would hate to know that he ripped me off, Thanks.

  5. Sallyboy, can you email me Fous4x2? I know it streams but if you had it on DVD before, it’d be a good find since I’ve spent a minute looking for it but no where to be found. SO much thanks in advance! Let me know your terms. It’d almost be like a group-buy and you wouldn’t have spent so much on it in the first place. lol

    • I purely have it on stream plus… and no offense, I’m not allowing people to download any of the videos from me personally, purely because I’m an affiliate of and even though it’s petty cash I’m going to stay on their good side just in case I really want to vamp up my affiliate marketing efforts. I’ve noticed that my site is on the top for Fous4x2 in terms of downloads. But I’ve not actually loaded any torrent or link to do so… so I’m not sure why I’m ranking so high for that keyword. Do you have anyone else that you know that’s interested in trading? I’d say that would be a perfect opportunity to split the cost of DVDs and even newsletter subscriptions.

    • I only have the streaming DVD so I’m not quiet sure what it looks like. But from what you’ve been saying it seems legit. You can always go straight to the source on this as well at and e-mail customer service and direct it towards him – they’ll be able to tell you right away.

  6. I Know this has probably been asked before but is there anyway to get the fous 4×2 online?? I had subscribe and paid full subcription 6 months ago but now I cant get access to the account and after getting in contact with the fous team apparently they cannot find my account or user name and no have stopped replying to my emails so frustrating any help would be great thanks.

    • Since it’s streamed it’s of course pretty hard to do that. Plus I tried to download it through a medium of programs but they have it locked down pretty secure. I wanted it so I didn’t have to stream and rely on downloading it every single time I want to watch it…. But has a very secure website, actually more secure then any site I’ve been subscribed too!

        • Mills,

          If you can get a copy of your credit card or bank statement you could prove you actually did purchase this, and if it has a ID code somewhere on it perhaps they can search for that?

          I’m sure you already have but make sure you purchased the correct Fous… I’m sure you have but it couldn’t hurt asking.

          Best of luck getting everything straighten out. I’ve had a couple run ins like this before, keep trying and if it comes down to it, dispute the charge and then go back in and purchase it again.

          • Thanks man yeah sent through the original pay pal receipt with no response frustrating more than anything but thanks for the help I would call them directly however I live in Australia

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