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Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

Welcome to Tipping Revolution!

My user name here is Griffith “The Trader” Hawk. Yes as you may have seen my avatar is based off an anime character called Griffith (from Berserk)! And if you’ve seen it, you prolly know already how I’m controlling this blog! But don’t worry I’m not going to sacrifice my soul to gain ultimate power or anything. But I am taking his persistence and drive, his no bullshit attitude and the will to do anything that it takes to get to where he wants to go into mind. I’m also taking a side of him that I used 5 or 6 years ago to rid myself of friends who I didn’t care to have any longer. At the time I took it as a failure to pick a wise avatar for my new behavior!

I used him at that time to sacrifice anything and everything in my life to put me on the path that I believe I’ve ultimately arrived at. I’m now at the front door and I’m knocking. I have a lot of dreams and goals, and although you may think using such an avatar that I am a complete prick and asshole. Although yes I’m learning to become more of a prick and asshole, I have some very noble goals in life, which I will share periodically if I feel like it. But I’ll leave you with one bit of one of my goals in life. I’m one of the higher donatees of this organization, and I actually am friends with the person who owns this organization, Robert Miller.

The night I decided to use Griffith as an avatar I had carved out what I wanted in my life, and that is to help people emotionally, spiritually and physically. I created an LLC called Health & Economics of America, and the idea I had was eerily related to Roberts idea of Family Orphan Communities. Either way… You can see in the end, I’m here to do good. But as a trader. I’m here to be focused and willing to take any road that I need to, to realize my dream of an %80+ penny stock day trader.

So let’s get to the goods. I’m basically using this blog as a homework dairy if you will. Many areas of life that I consider myself an expert, I’ve created a blog or an informational series based on my progress, and it seems only appropriate to create a Penny Stocking and day trading blog if I’m am truly serious. I’ve done personal rituals and meditations and even gone as far as to create a sigil! If you have no idea what I’m talking about… then that’s too bad. Some of my background includes a successful work from home affiliate businesses as well as a semi-successful bitcoin miner… Not too hard to do that… Semi, because well… Lets face it, you have to chase bitcoin hardware every month just to keep up, that fucking sucks! But to give a quick run down, if you did a search for my real name (Nathan Scheer) you might find some very interesting shit… I’ve worked on Porn sites to Marijuana sites even stepping into Psychic Readings and Drug Rehab. I’ve traveled quiet a bit of space in the digital work at home world. But I believe this will help me become a better marketer as well.

I’ve had the privilege to be exposed to information regarding infomercials from Kevin Trudeau and although I was exposed to his teachings on how he made an absolute killing in the infomercial world, I never had the money to play around with it! This will give me a great chance to go further in the marketing world while continuing to grow in the trading one! All this one day will then merge with the real world when I get to start up my Rejuvenation Retreat (which will prolly be explained in some other post… just know it’s one of my major goals in life!)

..So since you know a bit about me and what’s going on here, you’re invited to watch me struggle, fight, learn and conquer as much of this trading world as possible. My trading account is starting out at $20,000 thanks to bitcoin. I’m currently just using Think or Swim (at TDameritrade), my first trades and comments about possible trades will be under the “Pre-Season Warmup” – those should be funny to look back on in a couple years… but I’ll leave them to show my progress and what I was thinking. I think it would be even more appropriate to share my favorite song with you and leave it at that!

For a list of my top 10 articles check out the home page.

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

PS: You can follow my trades on the side bar. I use so all my trades are confirmed and real! Also note that I’m primarily being mentored by Timothy Sykes. You can also read an extended version on this topic and more by clicking here!

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