$BCHS Desperation Is An Understatement! + NLP and Manipulation

$BCHS Desperation Is An Understatement! + NLP and Manipulation

I may have not been around for a very long time at all. But I think most people can recognize when someone is desperate.. For example, someone comes to your door selling a Kirby vacuum cleaner or your friend asks you to come to their home for a living room party… you ask why and they say just be there! Then the next thing you know you’re joining Quixtar and buying shit you would never buy EVER because you make back like %5 of your purchases…

So let me put it like this.. If you’ve not figured out how to spot a liar and a manipulator perhaps you need to start learning about it! Maybe try looking into NLP & copy-writing methods (otherwise known as a sales letters). But before we go any further on that, I want to just show you a very desperate stock being pumped on TEXT message. $BCHS, it’s a gold and silver stock and……. they have not filed a SEC filing since around 2006! I’d say that’s a big fucking red flag! But I thought this was funny and I feel bad for any people who actually believed these texts. Over the last 2 or so days I’ve been getting blasted on my phone about this stock!

So I finally got around to check it out! It’s a shit company with a stock ranging around $0.03. Here is the stock chart:

$BCHS Desperate Pumping Goes No Where In VolumeSo it’s pretty much crap! Volume during the day over the last 3 or 4 days has range from 500,000 to a mere 2,500,000 … I mean c’mon it’s a 3 fucking cent stock! If you think you can play this and make money… You’re freakn crazy and you should learn how to trade! In fact you should look into Timothy Sykes Silver subscription there’s over 1,400 videos and growing for you to understand how to trade! This should be a basic rule and you NEED to understand that you CAN NOT play these and make any real money! Do not try it’s crap it’s going no where! This would be a wonderful trade IF the volume was there! Going from 3 cents to almost 4 is a great ROI … again only if the volume was there. 500,000 shares traded is a mere $24,000 traded in a day!

Even if it was on a day that had 2.5 million you could take a share position of 25,000 to be safe! That’s about $750 and then it moves .007 cents at it’s high during this “pump”. That’s a shitty ass faced $150…. Why waste you’re time and the possible risk with this invisible company that is dragging ass and rooting and cheering when nothing is happening… They know their stock sucks!

But I wanted to go over these text messages because they are funny!

Feb 12 – My Thursday Trade Alert is $BCHS Check out my report here:
http://bit.ly/BCHS_Feb13 – (I’m not even going to link this I don’t want to waste my pagerank on such shit!)

Feb 13 – $BCHS Be Ready to move at the opening Bell! Check out my Report …. Get ready to cash in!!!! (check graph above… It moved, but again where the hell is the volume?)

Feb 13 – $BCHS Green! Momentum and volume building! Don’t Miss Out! Report Here … Get Ready to Cash In!!!

Feb 13 – $BCHS – Price Keeps Moving Up! Grab Them While You Can!

Feb 14 6:49am – $BCHS be ready to move at the opening bell! Get ready to cash in!

Feb 14 8:02am – $BCHS! Can it break the $.04 today? We think so! Momentum & volume is building! Are you in? (and obviously this was a desperate “puff” (exaggeration))

Feb 14 9:22am – $BCHS Green with volume and momentum, not in? It’s Not Too Late! Time for action is NOW!


So as you can see, these we’re just straight out LIES! You can’t play this, don’t get sucked into bullshit! Learn how to trade if you are looking into “stock picks”. You may snag a good stock one time but you’ll get cocky and they’ll suck you down as they sell all their shares! Read this post about why you should learn to trade before buying anything from e-mail promoters! I’m fucking serious!

Well.. it’s retarded but I needed to share this. I wanted to do this and I think for some people who are new to trading NEED to know this, you need to LEARN, take at least a couple weeks and LEARN!! So maybe one other thing you can start learning about stuff like Copywriting which can help understand promo e-mails and PR newsletters better… You can learn a good share from Dr. Joe Vitale and some NLP from David J. Lieberman, Ph.D. “Get Anyone to Do Anything”.

It’s absolutely important to know what these promoters are doing to you, to “help” you in your decision in purchasing into hype. The way they do it is all based around a manipulation in these types of arts. But hey! Don’t go all pitch forks and torches just because of this! Just like Timothy Sykes say, these guys are here providing a service to those with dollar signs in their eyes and nothing else! They’re here to help them lose their money! They deserve it if they don’t LEARN why they use these techniques and why they WANT YOU (your money) in their stock!

I strongly recommend you to look into the NLP and the Copywriting but I mostly STRONGLY suggest you look into Timothy Sykes Silver Newsletter! You’ll wish you did if you actually just bought this stock! Better get out while you can and start your education, this niche REQUIRES either a shit load of money so you can make shit load of mistakes or the time to dedicate to a new full time or part time career! People go to school to learn how to do heart surgery, think of this niche the same way… except, you don’t have to wait 10 years to even get your chance!

I’ve been studying for almost 2 months now, and the 6 stocks I’ve played I’ve had winning positions! So I’m trading at %100! Except for some minor software glitches that caused me not to get out when I wanted too! Take your time! This is something you can use for the rest of your life! Take it seriously!

Learn more about trading and the RULE to trading and look into some educational DVDs!

-Griffith Hawk