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Griffith the Trader

I wanted to share some more of my favorite Samael songs.
These songs help me open up a door way to emotional feeling
that helps attract everything I’m looking to experience in
this life time. Perhaps they will help you as well!

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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2 thoughts on “Inspirational
  1. Hey hey I hope your time in Japan is really great and that all your trades are profitable. Look forward to reading your posts. Right now I’m playing PPHM which is moving up slowly (very slowly) but at least I’m in the black with it. Wish I was playing MEDL but I can’t right now. Play what you can and follow the rules right. Laters-

    • Thanks for dropping by! I’ll be doing a bunch of stuff on here… I’ve been swamped watching videos on Silver. A few years ago I first watched PS1/2 Fundamentals 1/2 Timraw Tactics Shortstocking etc… I currently snagged up Timdicator, Level 2 and Fous4x2 (already watched the first) …. Soooo much, overwhelming, but driven! I wish I could have played MEDL too that was an epic play! Congrats on the black! Let me know how that goes! Take care!

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