Timothy Sykes – Shortstocking DVD Review

Looking to Buy Timothy Sykes – Shortstocking DVD? Here’s My Review

Purchase Buy ShortStocking by Timothy Sykes Stream TorrentBefore I actually started this site I had already gone through Timothy Sykes Shortstocking DVD … I was actually on a vacation at a hot spring up in Salida Colorado… The private spring was awesome! As well as the cabin that we stayed at, which was a fairly decent sized home! It was absolutely beautiful from the backyard where the private spring was… The view was of Chaulk cliffs and a view of Mount Elbert (I believe) … which is a 14k (fourteener).

Wow super awesome! So while I was there on down time, when I wasn’t smoking shit loads of pot or chilling in the hot spring I was working on going through the Shortstocking DVD. But what is there to really say about it…? It’s a bunch of slides and tid bits about shorting stocks that have been pumped to death and are on the way down! I mean I guess that’s what it is if you really don’t give a shit about your trading education… Perhaps you believe that shorting is sketchy or you just don’t feel like you want to go down that path!

That’s totally cool. But if you plan on being in trades for the bullish charts, then you HAVE TO know short stocking! Why do I say that? It will give you the best ideas when a stock is ready to break down, giving you a chance to realize profits before the rape session begins on newbie traders that bought these stocks from promo e-mails and hyped up press releases and news! I’d say when everything is said and done I fully believe that the money spent to become familiar with shorting is an absolute blessing when walking into the market for the first time, or if you’ve been a seasoned trader for awhile!

If you want to get the best education when it comes to Shorting stocks, I mean who are you really going to head to!? I mean yeah you can find some others that have great information. But you’ll end up paying out the ass for it! Tim really does give people a chance to learn penny stocking to the fullest without totally breaking the bank… I say totally, because I know there are people that will read this that go… Actually that will break the bank buying any DVDs or Newsletter subscriptions.

And to that I say.. that sucks man. If you really are off that bad, you might want to start reading Tim’s blog… it’s for free and you’ll start to get a good idea how to start trading. But if you really are that broke, it’s going to be a tough ride growing your account size! But I salute you for doing your best and looking to find individuals/gurus/mentors that can help you!

So not really much to say about Tim’s Shortstocking DVD other then you’ll be blasted for hours with shortable charts, and information on how to play shorts! Like I said in my last review, repetition is the mother of all skill… The more you get familiar with these charts the more you’ll understand trading as whole, which ultimately gives you the edge you need to survive and thrive in the stock world!

So get to it! If you have the drive and you got the dough, I fully recommend Shortstocking by Timothy Sykes! Go get it today and watch that bitch like 3 times! You won’t regret it!

-Griffith Hawk