Review of Dr Robert Anthony’s “The Secret of Deliberate Creation”

Review of Dr. Robert Anthony – The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Dr Robert Anthony The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review BuySo I’ve been taking a few days and ignoring some of my trading DVDs and books, mostly because it drives me crazy after awhile… So I’ve been going through some of my other educational material that I’ve been sitting on for a little while. I’ve also been reading the book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams” it’s the guy who does the Dilbert cartoons and it actually compliments listening to Dr. Robert Anthony in his newest audio program called “The Secret of Deliberate Creation“. I was actually chit chatting for a minute with the owner of George Trombley who also wrote the text book series Japanese From Zero!

(George Trombley mentioned he was reading Scott Adams book – so I took a look at it!)

And I suggested taking a peak at “Your Wish is Your Command” by Kevin Trudeau to George… I suggested this because I watched a video by him claiming that he enjoyed the information in the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The movie had some great teachers of “Deliberate Creation” otherwise known as the Law of Attraction. “Your Wish is Your Command” is the modern day 16 Laws of Success which was done by Napoleon Hill; Who as you may or may not know was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie or a 20 year mission to research in to what the riches and happiest people on Earth DO to create their success! Well in the end he wrote the famous book “Think and Grow Rich“. “Your Wish is Your Command” goes into these ideas but dusts them off and gives you an updated version of the same technology, but this time with scientific proof and more understanding on why the law of attraction works.

As much as this audio series is just amazing! It is rather long and it’s got some sales pitches to Kevin Trudeau’s membership program called the Global Information Network (or GIN); I was apart of GIN for several years when it started and it was amazing but Kevin Trudeau seemed to get a bit greedy and it crash the group into the ground. At this very moment, members of GIN are now reviving it! Which is awesome and when it’s standing on it’s own again without the “Guru’s” I’ll be apart of it again!

Learn more about Dr Robert Anothny The Secret to Deliberate CreationBut I totally believe that before really going deep into GIN or “Your Wish is Your Command” I strongly support and recommend the works by Dr. Robert Anthony. I was first introduced to Dr. Robert Anthony when I was a painter by trade and I’d buy used books and audios at places like Good Will so I’d have something to listen too while I worked! I listened to his audio book “Beyond Positive Thinking” maybe like 15 times. I went through it so many times I burned out the first cassette! But Dr. Robert Anthony is so brunt and to the point I couldn’t help but respect him and his work from then on!

What’s wonderful about “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” is that it’s also dusted off and brought up to speed, and it really reminds me of “Your Wish is Your Command” but in a condensed version! It speaks about the scientific reasons we can create with our minds and our vibrations and even goes down the path to help you understand how to use this vibrational frequency to help you attract what you want. But one thing that he did that I like that “Your Wish is Your Command” did not, was really help you understand WHAT you really want and WHAT is really in your attraction.

It goes down to listening to the Heart instead of the Brain in terms of what you REALLY want! That’s why I believe this is a perfect audio for anyone, but mostly I’m thinking of promoting to this to the “wannabe” stock traders in the Timothy Sykes community… You know..? The ones that bitch and complain about everything and really suck at trading! This audio program can do a few things for those people (and anyone else in any other fields in life)…

1. Get the hell out of trading and find what your heart really wants


2. Break through your bullshit thinking and get to the point where trading becomes easy and profitable!

You may find that he hits below the belt in terms of taking it easy on your precious ego! You do not want just money in life! Because money in itself is empty… It is you who uses this money to do things, to buy things to go places to feel a certain way. Money is a mirror, it will give you exactly what your thinking just like the Law of Attraction! He really goes through the “scarcity” mind sets too.. So if you fell that there is not enough in the world, this is the program for you, because he not only tells you why you feel this way… But he actually gives you a simple tool set that can help you start feeling good NOW!

So take action today to really understand this powerful law! Because if you decide to or not, it’s still working, so you might as well have it work for you! Don’t be a slave to your mind! Take control today and get Dr. Robert Anthony’ “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” — Do it… right now!

I’m serious! Do it… Do it. DO IT!

Learn more about Dr Robert Anothny The Secret to Deliberate Creation
-Griffith Hawk