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I recently been watching a few anime movies, including Tokyo Godfather’s. I actually very much enjoyed how this movie has been pulled together, how synchronized events occur one after the other till the end of the movie. I’d say you really just have to view it to understand, it starts a little slow, it’s basically about some homeless people living in Japan and how they end up reuniting with their families by helping a lost baby girl find her parents!

The main cast is a pretty interesting set of people including a cross dresser caught in a “mans” body that became homeless after a “partner” died! A run away girl and a “good for nothing” drunk and gambler that also ran away from his family. Either way, it’s a great movie to understand how life can take us to where we ultimately want to be. So perhaps this can give you some kind of inspiration… Maybe it will just piss you off. You can Watch Tokyo Godfather’s below now or you can read about Tokyo Godfather’s by checking out the link above!

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk