Free Stock Market Educational Case Study Video

Free Stock Market Educational Case Study Video

by: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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I’ve been traveling the seas of the stock market for many moons now. I’ve been mostly researching way to find legitimate information and sites that offer such things to those looking to better themselves when it comes to the stock market. I’ve mostly found most of my information through Timothy Sykes, but I’ve been blessed to find another great company to check out. Alpha 7 Trading. But what I really dig about them is that they offer a free video course to study. All they require is an e-mail address. Pretty simple.

What I found great about it is that they show you someone pulling the trigger of almost $300 in 11 minutes flat of holding the stock. This is pretty classic Timothy Sykes information, but for those that are looking to getting into this field, this is a great start to see how this information is being applied every day by thousands of kick ass stock market traders. I see no reason why you should not be one of them. All I really see is require is a great teacher(s) and a will to want to continue through all the BS the market can through at you.

There are your classic pump n dumpers (click here to view an example (funny – will open in new window)). But then there are your butthead stock companies that may not be “scams” but they are certainly not very well rounded in customer service (See this post – Read the Comment Section to see what I mean). Then you have genuine people like Timothy Sykes (most of and companies like Alpha 7 Trading that is looking out for the little guy. Either way it goes, it’s free to check out, and there is no reason to not add it to your trading arsenal for future usage!

Instead of bashing your head over and over again looking for legitimate stock market education, look no further! You can get your free case video by clicking here. Or you can re-visit my post about my most Trustworthy Penny Stock Newsletters (and educators), where you will be introduced to several very important people in my stock trading education, and will be yours as well. Check the video below to discover for yourself, that I truly only deal with individuals and companies who are kick ass with their information and to their customers.

You can check out more of Timothy Sykes information HERE

Otherwise, you can check out some free trading education by my friends over at Alpha 7 by click HERE.

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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