Using Kaizen for Success in Pennystock Markets with Timothy Sykes

Kaizen Penny Stock Education Guide Book
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

Pennystock Education with Timothy Sykes using Japanese Philosophy KaizenKaizen (改善), is a Japanese word for a philosophy and practice that focuses upon continuous  “improvement” or “change for the best”. And of course Penny Stocks are considered to be:

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Some consider it to be any stock that trades for pennies or those that trade for under $5, while others consider any stock trading off of the major market exchanges as a penny stock. However, confusion can occur as there are some very large companies, based on market capitalization, that trade below $5 per share – Investopedia

When I first learn any thing that excites me I really blow myself out of the water with constantly pushing to learn what interests me, does that ever happen to you? Although I learn a bunch in that time I’m never highly successful at keeping with the ritual of continuous Penny Stock education. So I’ve been applying a philosophy called Kaizen. It was invented by an American during around World War 2 and it was created to help companies over in Japan get their business running at a higher capacity and it’s basically a philosophy where you’re constantly looking to make something better. Tony Robbins calls it CANEI (Ka – N – I), which means: Constant and Never Ending Improvement. But not all at once. By slowly making things better and better the Japanese revolutionized the concept and put them and their businesses on the map, and now this philosophy is spilling over into small business and individual lives all over the world.

(This is a brief example of what Kaizen is and what its being used for)

So how can this apply to yourself in your own penny stock market education? Well first off learning the basics of how to trade properly is a great starting step, so I’m going to highly recommend a penny stock educator named Timothy Sykes whom I highly trust, you can watch his video here! By simply just purchasing his Silver Pennystock Newsletter today you can go through thousands of lessons, and he makes these lessons in brief little examples of how he traded that day, they are short and to the point. I’ve noticed by watching just one to two of these a day I’ve been making way and regaining what I learn when I was being ridiculous and trying to learn everything in a month or two.

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I certainly should know better, but I was excited and then I burned myself out, which I’m sure you can relate too. This is something you need to be wary of and through this Japanese philosophy of Kaizen I want to help you hold on to and grasp on to your dreams so you can avoid doing what most people do when they come to a knew possible career path (or educational material). They either don’t do anything, or they do too much and either way, you lose if you do that. So lets look into this path a little bit further and discover how important it is to do just a little bit everyday and work up to a sizable load of education use Timothy Sykes educational material. Account Profile to Access Pennystocking Silver Timothy SykesKaizen applied to Timothy Sykes Pennystock Silver Newsletter is rather simple. Once you sign up to his Pennystock Silver Newsletter you’ll be directed through where his material is hosted. To get started you’ll go and click the button under my Subscriptions and it will take you to another page that has many selections. This is where Kaizen is very important to start your penny stock marketing education, and I’m very serious that you should consider following the steps of Kaizen, because it can mean the difference between failure and success… and frankly if you have any intention at all to be successful when it comes to penny stocking then take this serious!

Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Silver Menu Course SelectionYou’ll get to screen like this once you select the Silver subscription. The only thing you’ll need to concern yourself about at this point is the “Getting Started” button. Once you select the “Getting Started” button you’ll be brought to a screen that looks like this:

Getting Started with Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Silver Subscription and Tim AlertsOnce you get to this screen you’ll want to immediately click the 60 day video course! What is great about this is, this first course through Pennystocking Silver will help you build your Kaizen ritual as well as get you started learning proper knowledge when it comes to learning how to trade penny stocks. You might want to know that most people who enter the market never invest in their education.. So it’s absolutely monumental that you are going to invest in yourself today, because trust me it’s actually cheap to get the knowledge first, spend the money and then avoid HUGE pitfall mistakes when it comes to “learning as you go”.

Let me tell you a quick story of how building a Kaizen ritual can assist you in maintaining this good habit of education when it comes to your financial learning curve.

Small Gradual Constant Improvements in Stock Marketing Trading Education with Timothy SykesIn one study of Kaizen they sought out people who worked all day but wanted to find time to work out. These two studies were simply broken into two different groups. In one group they gave them a free gym membership, gym clothes, equipment and fitness training, and in the other group they simply requested that they go up one step in a stairway and step down, and then increase it by one step every single day. After a year they found that the second group not only lost more weight but maintained a proper work out schedule, where as the first group barely did anything!

So as you see being handed everything to succeed still comes down to you applying yourself in small workable steps and moving forward as you gain the right ritual to help you succeed. In this case you are paired with a simple 60 day course to build your ritual and then thousands of videos to continue with afterwards. Also it would be good to remind you that he gives out Pennystock Alerts everyday and you can trade with Tim as he does in ALMOST live time, there is about a minute or so between hes trades and when he informs his list.

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I would recommend watching one 60 day video course a day, as well staying up on all current video lessons that are released and then slowly moving it more and more everyday. Once you get a good ritual in with Pennystocking Silver I recommend checking out his educational DVDs here and grabbing up Pennystocking 101 and Duex. So there you go use this method of Kaizen and you will increase your chances of succeeding with pennystocks (or anything or any course).

You’re welcome internet!
-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk