Can you Invest in Marijuana?

Marijuana Cannabis Investing HelpI’ve been having a fun ol’ time really getting down and dirty with how to actually invest in Marijuana and do so appropriately. Being I’ve not actually traded for awhile, I thought, what could I provide for people that want to get into investing into MJ? For those that have not followed Marijuana/Cannabis stocks, you’ll find it rather refreshing to know, even in the “noble” Marijuana industry, there are pieces of shit scum bag pump’n’dumpers still pulling their bullshit.

So you can count on profiting from that. But what about those people who are looking to actually invest in a business other then just stocks? Well I actually had a cousin of my just fell in my lap about this while I was looking. There is not very much information about this field of investing anywhere really. There is the same old crap that you’ll read about how it’s booming and you should buy this stock or sell that stock and get into this stock… But I want more, I want to be able to see where to actually invest my money. That’s where my cousin Kathryn Mullen came in.

She actually started a website that teaches you how to invest in marijuana businesses. She is actually going to have her first expo in Arlington, Texas if you can believe that. I’ll actually be going, I ended up doing her website and doing her SEO to help push this out. But I thought while I’m at it, I should give the people of this website an opportunity to at least see what it’s all about. But what’s even cooler then just the expo about how to invest in cannabis, you’ll be glad to know she is actually starting a Marijuana University… MJU. I don’t have a link that I can really give you at the moment, because it’s not being hosted just yet but it will be for those that want to check back. Or even try it know, because I might or might not update this page ever again?

Who knows. But for those that don’t know, I’ve been trained by Timothy Sykes himself and I’m very aware nowadays on how scams and bullshit works in the investing field, and the people that Kathryn has found to share their story are all premium people that actually give a shit. I guess some people in the world would rather see tremendous growth in the industry, then just “try” to keep it for themselves.

For those that don’t know what Marijuana Investing is… try going outside or logging off of your favorite role playing game… The words out people MJ is blowing up all over the place, if you really want to invest in marijuana, forget the fucking stock market. Check out where to really put your money! Check out the for more information and if the e-mail list is on the site, then sign up for it, we’ll be letting you know when and where the next expo will be (btw Arlington Convention Center June 7th).. We’ll also let you know when will be available for those that can’t travel, or simply just don’t want to! I know I certainly could care less about traveling for cannabis investing, but that’s just me. But I’ll be going anyway, because I give a shit about my future.

-Griffith “the Hawk” Trader

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