What is the Best (Trustworthy) Pennystock Newsletter Online?

What is the Best (Trustworthy) Pennystock Newsletter Online?
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk


CLICK HERE TO SEE WHO I TRUST (or read till the bottom)

How Can I Trust A Pennystock Newsletter Ever AgainIt seems my research deepens further and further the more I notice how much scam happy people are out there pushing “The Best Pennystock Newsletter“… Well I’m here to inform you that many Pennystock pick sites and “newsletters” are nothing but a bunch of hype and promoters pushing stocks they got for a discount. Is it illegal? On some levels absolutely, but it’s such a gray area and so much money is being pushed around that I don’t see in the near future any governments really stepping in to stop these types of people from reaching into your back pocket!

So I’ve been doing my due diligence mostly for myself but I’ve found over the months that many people have been appreciating the research, so hopefully you can also benefit from this as well. Since beginning of the year I’ve been following Timothy Sykes, I’ve purchased many DVDs from him and a couple of his friends over at Profit.ly and I have to say from the material I’ve gone through and the information I’ve learn through Timothy Sykes Penny Stocking Silver membership I feel I’m becoming pretty proficient at finding scammers because I now know their angle and what fish they are trying to reel in!

My most recent bust was of Pennystock Egghead, you can read about it here, and I really recommend it, because as professional as the website is (for Pennystock Egghead), it’s really a rotting piece of crap underneath ready to take all your money in a matter of minutes! So who should you trust in the Pennystock world? Well I can tell you it’s one of those things where 99% of the crap online is bunk fake ass scammers when it comes to the stock market. Everyone is crawling over each others heads trying to get to the top. Thing is, those people will never find themselves at the top, because many times the natural ways of building wealth requires you to offer something of value, whereas these people do not! (Do not get me wrong they certainly can live great pathetic lives for doing so!)

One thing to note though, you can use these people and their “Penny Stock Newsletters” to bank even though they are scammers. Let me explain really quick on why in the end they are scammers. Literally they are looking for the newbie stock traders, they will act like their friend by give you (them) little helpful tid bits about pennystocks that are true! But… they’ll purposefully omit many important things when it comes to selling, holding or shorting a stock. Many times you’ll never see a Pennystock news letter pumping a short! This is because many times these people have some kind of end game with the stock, they either have stock they are holding or someone they know has a bunch… Or better yet, they were sold a mass amount of discounted stock to pump the stock!

So they want you to get all excited and get ready for that bell to ring early in the morning and put your entire life savings into their shit stock so later in the day they can pull it all out while your taking a crap! You think I’m kidding? Watch this short clip, you’ll see what they make you feel like until they pull out their stock and many times if you are not a seasoned Pennystocker you’ll fall for their crap every single time! Whats sad is, many people walk into the stock market with the right attitude only to be stabbed in the back by people they “thought” they could trust. What is also sad is that if given the right push, these people (or perhaps even you) could have really excelled in pennystocking (or just the stock market in general)!

Whats the trick to finding people you can trust? First off I always look to see if they have a past, what I mean by that is I do my research, I look to see what people are saying, I ignore super A++++ reviews but I also ignore people who leave the worst feedback in the world. This is a simple psychology based review. You skim off the top and the bottom of the results and what do you have? More people bitching or more people applauding their work? Here in a minute I’ll share with you a group of people who have more people applauding then bitching.

When you do a search for a Pennystock Newsletter you’ll be blasted by people buying Google ads, mostly because the Pennystock Newsletter they ran a couple months ago got such a bad wrap that they have to start over because no one trusts them! In many cases I ignore Google ads, because of this. But you also can’t always trust the #1 Google results in many cases either for such a competitive keyword like “Pennystock Newsletter“. There is a thing in the online marketing world called SEO, and SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it can be fucked with, and that’s to say it nicely. Over a years time Google and other search engines are constantly fighting off these people are faking their rankings (they call them algorithm changes). People can trick the search engines by purchasing an SEO expert and having them blast links to your site in a certain way.

So, what does this mean? It means people on the front page of highly competitive words are most likely not there on their own, A.K.A people naturally linking to them because they are just that awesome. You know, like this site ;). But there are some legitimate stock traders whose sites are at the top of certain keywords because they are for real! Believe it or not there is a 1% in the stock world and they’re really here to help you learn how to trade! Who are these people through? Well I know for a fact there are more then the ones I currently roll with and until I run into more they are a shadow in my mind until then. But hold on a second, I’ll get to them!

What Pennystock Newsletter Should I TrustThe next time you search for a newsletter look at it again and reexamine what you really think about them. Unless you are signing up for their newsletter so that you can use their information against them, (which is a great strategy once you learn it) then stay away from them when it comes to education. Because this list of fakers is just a fraction of a percentage of scammers out there.


Investor Stock Alert
Stock Commander
OTC Rockstar
Todays Stock Tip
Stock Mister
Penny Pick Alerts
Penny Picks
OT Picks
Vip Stock Report
Penny Stock Rumble
etc… etc…

Under Review:

Falcon Stocks
note: Falcon Stocks is most likely a legit company. At this point, the maturity level is now in question. For more information read the comments below and make up your own decision.

So I’ve given you an idea who you should stay away from. Who should you reach towards when you searching for people who can legitimately can help you improve your trading skills? Well I’ll give you a list of the people I currently trust and you can decide if they are for you! If not, it’s not the end of the world! There is a trading style for everyone and just because they do not resonate with you (even though I believe they will) doesn’t mean there is not a Trustworthy Pennystock Guru somewhere that will!

My current list of people I trust in the education sector of Pennystocking (stocks in general) are:

The Truth Shall Set You Free Pennystock NewsletterJUST AHEAD THE TRUTH!

Timothy Sykes
Tom McCarthy
Nathan Michaud
Mark Croock
Steve Nison (more so just education)
Cameron Fous
Jeff Williams (coming soon)

Okay maybe not the best picture for the bunch, but it’s funny! But you now whats not funny? Getting fucked in the stock market because you listened to some scamming ass piece of $*#&! Be sure you learn from the best willing to teach, and I believe these people have what it takes to take you where you want to go!

These individuals I believe are trustworthy to anyone looking for positive results!! If you believe it or not it’s super important to know who to listen to (in any business setting!). So I invite you take a look at all these top notch traders and see what they are all about, because I can only show and tell you what I know, it is you who has to check these people out and examine how they work for you! I wish you the best, because in the end, you must trust yourself!

I can also recommend checking out my most read penny stock articles on the home page.

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

51 thoughts on “What is the Best (Trustworthy) Pennystock Newsletter Online?
  1. Hi Griffith,great review on traders and education! Don’t know any of those scammers (I guess that’s a good thing). I completely agree with your “truth” list. I do follow most of those individuals and learned so much from them.

    • Thanks for checking it out. I suppose I have a bit of extra knowledge when it comes to catching crap online being that I make my living generally from SEO. I was pretty shocked to notice how crazy things can get when so much money is there for the taking… ie. suckers and pennystock newsletters

  2. Watsup Griff!

    Another great article! I pick and choose newsletters to follow, and you’re 100% right. Most of them are trash pumpndumps. I mainly use use scamadviser.com to review their doman history, etc. and see if they’re actually worth following.

    Anyways, when are you going to get back on trading? Once I finish up Steve Nison’s teachings I’m going to start up for the summer and am looking for someone to share/review picks with!

    Lemme know if you’re interested!

    • Jon,

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for the website to check out. I’m working as quickly through my sites as possible right now so I can get back to it. I’m actually looking forward to it quiet a bit.

      Chances are I’ll be ready around Summer as well, so I’ll be around to shoot off ideas with. And with that, although it’s a bit random, I’ll be able to get back to learning Japanese while I’m at it!

  3. How do you find the scammers? I was about to be suckered by Falcon Stocks until I read this. How do you know this is a “pump-n-dump” scheme? Is there something I should be looking for? Thanks!

    • There are many ways to discover scams. One is to see if they have an affiliate program kind of like Penny Stock Egg Head (<- you can read the post about them). There is also checking out whois websites whois.net/whois/falconstocks.com and seeing if there is a trend of similar owners (Checking “free” newsletter sites against their (falcon stocks) website info). In this case Falcon Stocks is located in my home state of Colorado, they are legit on this area, but this strategy can work well with additional research. There are reviews from others about these sites, which I’ll also look into to make an informed decision. I tend to look for an overall theme of deception. For Falcon Stocks I was given the opportunity to watch a friend get scalped by Falcon Stocks, not only did they pump up stocks and dump them on their users. They pretended everyone came out victorious on all the tickers “chosen” to rise, which is pretty typical for those types of websites. Thing is sometimes is also just looking at a track record that is verified, which is why I like profit.ly so much. The biggest thing about Profit.ly and the teachers there is the system that proves a track record beyond a doubt. I suggest reading about Who you listen to (<- here) as it is also a signal of how you determine who you follow in the end. It's easy to write reviews about yourself in hindsight. Also some people are truly not out to get anyone, but the way they go about teaching and reporting does not do the subscriber good in the long run. It's a very exhausting process at times, but very much worth it. Once I get back to writing some new material, I'll be going over more tools that can be used. For example, learning how to track a stock website through their Search Engine Optimization foot prints can help you know if they are in it (their website) for the long run or if they are simply just promoting their website as fast as possible to get sign ups before Google DE-indexes their website. These are also signs showing there is a side interest in "sharing" their secrets! Keep a look out for it.

      • I understand that you believe in the guy, but your link to “Who you listen to” sounds like an advertisement for Tim Sykes, as opposed to an informational article to let your listeners figure out how to recognize those that are giving great information vs those that are feeding junk. profit.ly was (according to their own “About” page), something that was essentially setup by Tim Sykes. In between my question and your response, I plunked $100 for 2 years access to Falcon Stocks. I am going to just monitor their picks vs prices. I will do that until I am sure of what is going on there. I have went through their past picks (about 50 of them so far), and every price they recommend to buy at matches the historical data from places like Yahoo! Finance. I have been able to verify that many of their picks currently have higher prices than their pick point prices. They also state on their site that they own none of the stocks they are picking, which tells me that if they are using “Pump-n-dump” tactics, they are being paid to do it in ways that are not shares. Also, I am not seeing the classical spikes as with other “Pump-n-dumps”. I have also checked comments on many sites about them, and seeing a bad review for them is rare – and also seems to be more about e-mail issues than actual stock pick problems.

        On the other hand, Tim Sykes seems to have a reputation as a scammer. Many comments from around the web seem to indicate this. Also, if he is not (which is possible), he is at least a jerk. He ridicules anyone who doesn’t understand his method and in several of his replies he calls not just the commenters, but people in general, “stupid”. This type of attack makes me think that this is not the guy to praise, even if his system works. Thank you for the response, but I have to say that I am having issues with some of the things on this site…

        • Well if you remember let me know how Falcon goes for you. I do wish you the best. For my avatar and how I’m going about learning, Timothy Sykes has guided me the best. I’d say you might like he’s buddy Superman better, he’s pretty level headed. Tim can be a bit harsh, but like I said. It rubs me the right way.

          There is other teachers that I promote, like Steve Nison http://www.tippingrevolution.com/reviews/review-of-steve-nisons-japanese-candle-sticks/ and Trading with the Gods http://www.tippingrevolution.com/reviews/review-of-trading-with-the-gods-dvd-course/ (they don’t have an affiliate program, but I share them because it’s boss!). And you are correct these are advertisements and I am an affiliate marketer.

          Oh and about the who do you listen to is a very real technology I’ve been using for years and is a great tool to bring into any field you wish to pursue. Try to look past the marketing if possible.

          But one thing I can say is that Timothy Sykes is very anti-scam and is constantly blowing the whistle on promoters and newsletters and people in general pulling some sideways scheme, I’ve been following him for around 4 years now and have not seen a single act of scammery yet from him. Again this is why he rubs me the right way, because he is an asshole. Which you can see, I’m not totally super nice on here either so it works for me and some others (not all). But more importantly I enjoy only finding those I know for certain that have morals and ethics in this industry and I will admit everything I know about certain organization could very well be wrong.

          I believe I’ve been getting better at the spy game and like I said I will be writing out an article of a technique that I’ve been using and it is very helpful in terms of free newsletters, because as most people should know. Those are the ones where a lot of crap can go down very quick.

          Thanks for challenging me to constantly grow and keep up with this industry. I’ll be working on the new article soon enough. I’ll also be tactic-fully spamming on my site, so I would just check back instead of subscribing. I’ve been building my investing profile capital up with this website – very helpful. Doing my best to be legit as well though.


          • I will be checking back with you to see what’s going on. I will also be letting you know my experience with Falcon Stocks as well as any other organization I deal with. There is a lot of mis-information out there and I can respect anyone just trying to find the truth. I think we are on the same mission. Hopefully, we can make some money in the mean time. I will check out your reviews and this Superman fellow when I have a chance. Thank you!

      • That is libel. We do not own shares. Never have. WE ARE NOT EVEN IN COLORADO.

        Explain your friend’s problem.

        I will bet everything it’s not us. My entire family cannot own stocks. We only have mutual funds and etf.

        We know Tim even admits scalping.

        You have cost us thousands. If u cannot pay, we will see Tim.


        Please send me your attorney’s contact information. Immediately.

        Jasmine? Please email or I will be happy to call.

        • Again this is not Timothy Sykes website. His website is timothysykes.com as well as profit.ly – there is a thing called affiliate marketing. Read into it, you’ll understand what’s going on here. Plus I never knew Timothy Sykes knew Japanese or even studied it?

      • Scalped? We are not a day-trading site. Our holding time is 4-8 WEEKS at the shortest.

        Also, we also recomment that our readers DO NOT buy or sell in the first half hour and last hour of the day.


        Over 80% of all of our picks have been LISTED on the NYSE or the AMEX or NASDAQ. We do NOT list pink sheet stocks.

        The stocks we pick trade way too much volume for us to pump anything, especially since we tell our readers NOT to ‘chase’ anything and always use limits and WAIT – for days if need be for the price to be in the buy in range.

        THE AVERAGE DAILY VOLUME (prior 3 months) for our last TEN stocks averages over 298,000 shares per day.

        FIVE of those previous TEN picks (exactly half) were NYSE stocks. Yes, New York Stocks Exchange.

        I am not sure what else you would need to know to figure out that your friend had to be talking about some other site – or stock we had nothing to do with and mistakenly thought it was us.

        We are paid subscriptions only. If we did scalp, it would be much more profitable to make it a free site. Kind of hard to pump a stock if only a relatively few will even see it. It makes no sense.

        The only thing I can think of is one stock a while back that after we profiled it – weeks later, one of our subscribers mentioned they saw it named on a free site (most free sites are pumpers). Perhaps that’s what he/she saw.

        Either way, it was not us that pumps anything. Our readers are not looking for that and we actually preach to avoid those things.

        If you could tell me the stock, I will let you know. Also, we can just google it.

        • Great, put all that together into a guest post and submit it to me. Be sure to add any reference links if you have them.

          Any Testimonials or places you’ve written you can link to. You can also link to parts of your disclaimer if you wish.

          Just stop trying to convince me through comments. Just do the article and score a positive feedback article and backlink to your website.

          Just let me know when you are finished, looking forward to reading it.


          • Everything is on the website already. Everything. We list our past picks…. all of them. I have said that many times. We are the only site that does list all. You can download even a .pdf file showing them all from our start in 2004. Geez, man, just search for us and me on Google using dates from years ago. I am not your Mother, I can’t put your pants on for you too. But we have always had our entire history public online on our own website. Just look. Everything is there, there is nothing more you could need… we show all and do not withhold any past picks, even ones that didn’t perform… we hide nothing. Nobody else shows all that, NOBODY. If you would have spent 2 minutes you would have known. Look at the Track Record page. Look at the stocks for once. You have Yahoo Finance? Then look and see. It is already there like I said numerous times.

            Now, I have been told to cease communicating until you receive our cease and desist order as well as other legal discovery documents from the downtown Charleston courts.

          • Step 1: Read our site and disclaimer (/disclaimer.htm). See all past picks. See that they are mostly NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ.

            Step 2: Go to Google.com. Enter our name and whatever else…. ‘testimonials’, whatever. Read our blog which you can see from THE SITE.


            I have no clue why this is so difficult for you or why you would not do at least a 3 minute review before all this.

            Step 3: Call your ‘friend’ and ask…. what stock?

            Step 4: Put 2 and 2 together.

            Step 5: Be proud that you did something yourself even if everything is right in front of you.

            Step 6: Retract and apologize.

            Step 7: I buy coffee or even dinner next time I am out in CO.

          • I’m offering you space on this unique C class IP address website for you to have a guest post promoting your business.

            Puff it up, do what you want. As long as you can pull together a few things requested. There’s no problem here anymore. I’m just waiting on you to write up a unique 400-500 word article describing your services.

            Just about over the hump here, just need that article and I’ll take down what’s on this page and put you under the trusted sources with a link to your guest post. I’m not in front of a CPU to do this at the moment. So it would work best if next time I’m in the dashboard I can just put up your website.


            PS: Also I SEO all my pages, meaning the page will have more ranking power to help your website be seen in the search engines. Do let me know what Anchor text you want (aka what keyword do you want to link back to your website?)

    • Fred… you were suckered by this site… unfortunately. notice they don’t say why they say we’re scammers and ALL of their good reviews go to Tim Sykes owned.

      If they do not explain why they mentioned us, we will be asking for damages legally (libel) as I can prove people being paid directly or indirectly by Tim’s sites have caused lost revenues. I even have testimonials from people who have agreed to sign affidavits.

      So, Timmy, please contact us to send payment for damages (we will be reasonable). I hate paying lawyers but will if I have to.

      Are you a gentleman or a petty man?

      • This site is not owned by Timothy Sykes. You can look up the whois. I’m allowing you to have your little out burst on here, but keep it directed towards me. If you want to sue someone, please make sure you know who it is that is causing you such heart ache.

        At this moment you’re rebuttal is making me more suspicious of your website as you continue this. If you are so legit you should not be focusing on some random bad review online. I’m making my rounds and doubling checking other sites at the moment. So far, no one has come up a winner.

        Maybe you will. You should be patient and relax this is not going to be the end of your business. Keep focusing on your growth, not bad reviews. What you focus on, you’ll get more of. It’s not a feel good type of philosophy, this is real. Protect your business by letting this go and return back to impressing and creating referral business.

        I hope you can come to see that this is not the answer to your problems right now.

        Best wishes,

      • Shane,

        First of all, I don’t rely on just one source to get my information. If I did that, then I would not be able to operate on the internet at all. That would just be crazy.

        Secondly, a more reasonable approach is to ask why a site was listed (or, in this case, your site). Which I did above. I asked why they listed you specifically, and Griffith responded stating that one of his friends said he went down with your site. A reasonable response. Then, I explained the reasons why your site did not look to be a classic pump-n-dump scheme or any other sort of scheme that I could see. I gave a lot of the research I had done and am still doing on your site. Griffith responded reasonably on my comment by stating that he would need to do more research of his own. He also stated that he views Tim Sykes as legit, but you can never know 100% for sure. He also disclosed (which looking around his site, he does several times) that he is an affiliate of Tim Sykes. That was upfront and, to my purview, stand-up.

        Third, as I said above, I went ahead and signed up for your service (the fee was affordable enough that I could pay it and even if I didn’t make a dime it was worth it for the knowledge gain on your company and reading about the picks you make). So, you didn’t lose a customer based on this, but you may lose several by constantly attacking and threatening lawsuits. This is not a slam on your company, but people want to deal with someone who explains their positions and has conversation about why something should be done. You sound like you are in attack mode and it certainly does not help your case with a customer like myself. One of the big things I do not like about Tim Sykes is that he constantly sounds like he is in attack mode. Just my opinion here.

        If Tim Sykes is really on a campaign against you with no legitimate information to back it up, then all you really have to do is show that you are not. Your site seems to back up your willingness to be open about your picks and what they have done. Show that the ones you pick do not have that pump-n-dump signature where the stock shoots up for a short period and then sinks to nothing after. Advertise that you do not own the stocks you are picking. Take all of that to Tim’s sites and comment. A lot. Every time Tim mentions you, make sure you are there. Make sure you arm people with the truth about your site. Then, when Tim wants to say something about you, he’ll have to prove it to retain his credibility. In your responses, back up what you say with links. Then, let Tim try to explain his way out of you hitting him with facts. That shouldn’t be difficult to do, and it would be about a thousand times more effective than talking about suing. And about a thousand times less expensive.

        This is a long post, but try to read everything exchanged before posting here. Griffith explained his postion very well, I thought, and I am glad to visit and peruse this site feeling like I have found someone like me, just trying to learn stocks and get the truth. There is nothing wrong with that. As Griffith said, do what you are going to do, but I ask you as a current customer to find another way to counter your revenue loss from bad reviews on sites. It would probably help your business to continue to do well, as well.

        Good luck Shane,

  4. Wondering why you list us as scammers when we are one of the VERY few newsletters that are 100% UNBIASED. Please tell….. You list Tim as trustworthy? As he trades against you?

    I can only assume you made a mistake, or you are being paid by the bunch you list as trustworthy. Wow.

    We are not paid to pick any stocks and we DO NOT own shares. Our only interest is keeping subscribers happy. Heck, we don’t even auto-renew subscriptions. Do you know anyone else that doesn’t? We feel that’s unethical… Just like your article.

  5. I guess the Tim Sykes ads all over your site have answered my question…. you are being paid. It is you that is biased. (Scamming?)

    • I labelled you because of some proof of a friend who subscribed, if it was fabricated or not, until I get around to actually looking at your information I’ll keep it on here. But in the end, I still enjoy Sykes because he teaches you how to find your own stocks to trade instead of relying on others.

      No offense to your niche site, that’s wonderful if that works for you and your subscribers. If you are doing what you say you are. I’m thankful and I’ll be glad to look into your claims further when I get a chance.

      Take care,
      Griffith Hawk

      PS: I’ll be fair enough with you and put you under investigation for now until I have time to look into Falcon Stocks further.

      • Proof? Post it. Whatever u know.

        And no, you will within 24 hours post an apology and admit you have no proof and post full retractions for EVERY comment you made.

        How much do u make from Tims affiliate links?




        Glad sites can be saved.
        If there is no proof, u just committed libel again.

    • I of course get paid for advertising. But I find myself a very ethical affiliate marketer and I’m open to new ideas. Otherwise I would not have even allowed your voice to be heard here. I’m very careful of who and what I promote and I know it’s horrible and evil, but in this industry I work from an everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Again no offense. I changed you to understand investigation.


      • You made us guilty first… and you complain? Wow. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.




        • I promote Trading with the Gods as well as Steve Nison and Jeff Williams. They are unrelated to Tim and for two of them I have no affiliate links for. But just because a few of the other traders are under profit.ly doesn’t mean they are “with” Timothy Sykes. And I don’t really get paid that much for affiliates that sign up. I’m doing it as a journal as well as an opportunity to help people to resonate with Timothy’s energy and training and to work on my marketing and sales copy.

          Again if you are legit, I congratulate you on being so. I’ve only scoured some much of the web and the information I have from sites like yours where I could not find much on, I relied on a few reviews from people and their experiences. At this point I believe them because of how you are acting. If you have a fully operational and profitable niche site for your subscribers then you should not be here causing so much angst for yourself.

          I have not batted an eye to your empty threats nor your demands and I will not do so now. Either you help me clear your websites name, or leave. I can reject any of your comments at any time, I left every single one of them on here and you are now just shooting yourself in the foot being like this.

          I wouldn’t trust anyone who comes onto someone elses site and demands and threatens. It raises red flags in my book. But perhaps you just have not learn how to work with people to come to an ultimate medium for both parties.

          Instead of doing what you are doing you could instead provide me with proof of your service and get others to speak on your behalf with proven results (thus why I like profit.ly). If you want to, we can do it that way and I can even offer you a page to yourself on this blog if I find that you truly are what you say.

          But again, demanding and threatening don’t get you very far. If I was not a pro-active person. I would have just shut you down and not given you this opportunity to explain yourself, prove your result and ultimately get a positive review and guest post (with a do follow backlink supporting your rankings in search engines). Seems like a win-win to me.

          But if you want to go lose-win. That’s fine too. Except I won’t be playing the game with you, so you’ll be the only one truly losing. Let me know if you are interested. If not, that’s %100 alright as well.

          Griffith Hawk


          See the bottom of the website. I’m within the guidelines of affiliate marketing in the United States. It’s been there since the beginning of the website.

          “This blog is being used as a diary for what I’ve learn and what I’m trading! Everything here is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any loses… and if there is a link that leads to a product page there may be a chance I could be compensated for your purchase”

          (Look it up on the way back machine.com)

          • That does not prevent you from breaking the law against libel and slander. I am beginning to doubt your intellectual abilities. If I post up things about anyone and their business that are all 100% lies and I know that… and I damage their reputation and business… putting up that tiny disclaimer does not clear you of any inflicted damages.

            Example: Say Marlboro prints on every box of cigarettes — these are not for smoking, they are for entertainment only.

            Would they not be liable for any sicknesses ever?

            LOL. If that was the case (and that is the argument you make), they would do that. No, they would not be cleared.

            You ADMITTED you do not know anything negative about us – and admitted you know it hurts our business – and stated you were still going to keep the libel/slander comments you made online.

            Not only is that illegal (even with your disclaimer), but it violates Tim Sykes’ terms and conditions for affiliates.

            Your account there will probably be closed and any funds will not be paid to you.

            I’ve sent that information to the affiliate desk there. Good luck.

  6. If you would have taken 10 seconds, you could have avoided materially hurting a family-run business.

    Most important for you… paragraph #4 of our disclaimer:


    “At the time of this writing the FalconStocks.com owners (Shane and Marie) do not own shares of any stocks. They may own mutual funds and/or ETFs that may be equity-based, but do not hold any individual shares of any equity stock shares whether publicly traded or not. If that ever changes, they will be held to the rules listed above and we will update this page.”

    Since we posted changes to that page (more than one year ago) we have not owned a single share of any stock at all. NONE. Mutual funds in retirements accounts, yes, but not one single share of any stock in any account anywhere.

    Is that clear enough for you?
    Now, you may want to contact legal council so that they can confirm what you have done and are admitting you are still doing is illegal. They may help in telling you the best way to remedy this and keep yourself from any trouble in the future and stop hurting our small livelihood and family business. I would highly recommend that.

    When I first stated you have 24 hours, that leaves just a few left.
    We do not even need you to take any of this down… it is good for visitors to see the crap and dishonest out there by people like yourself.

    It is also good for everyone to see what an honest, 100% unbiased, family business has to go through against dishonest (paid) people trying to take them down everywhere and all the while lying and pretending to be an impartial blog reviewer and diarist. The honest guys get hurt.

    It pays much less to be honest like we are. We could make 5-10 times what we do dropping everything and doing some pump scheme but we are not like that.

    We can get past this, if you admit what you said was not based on any facts, you are being paid to promote other sites and a very sincere apology published prominently. We can work out details.

      • I am still waiting for you to tell me what you think we have ever done wrong. You still have only said someine you know may have said we did something wrong.

        Well…. WHAT


        I BET EVERYTHING I HAVE you either heard wrong, he was mistaken or (what I believe) you are 100% Full Of Shit.

        And yes, what you have done qualifies as defamation. Your comments even incriminate you on that.

        Are you in the city limits of Denver? I need to know which way to file my suit.

        Your readers may even be able to sue for defrauding them. Even by class action.

        City or County? It would save me time.

    • You can re-read this comment http://www.tippingrevolution.com/reviews/what-is-the-best-trustworthy-pennystock-newsletter-online/#comment-481 and try again if you like. Please e-mail PROOF not just disclaimers that your service works and your subscribers are happy with your newsletter and anything else you can come up with instead of empty threats, lawyers, suing and complaining about a family run business.

      That comment is where the win-win is Shane. Not demanding an apology for my own results and experiences of what I know about you, even if it was past by the breath of words. At this point in time, your site is no longer under the scammer section and is now under the Under Investigation section. So none of your claims here even apply now so if you want to clear your name quicker do so. If not it will stay like this until I have time to care about this at a later time.

      This is the end of this conversation. Provide proof that I can work with, otherwise accept what this is and live with it. Please refrain from e-mailing anything like you’ve been doing here or I will not speak with you further about this.



      • No, you need to prove I am guilty, not prove my innocense.

        Using your childish, idiotic logic, you need to prove you are not lying.

        Call a lawyer and ask if I need to prove myself innocent or if it is you that needs to prove guilt.

        Unless your intelligence us even lower than I assumed, you know which it is.

        Call that lawyer, now. You will be hearing from mine by tomorrow.

        I have no more time for liars and thieves that use the internet to steal and defraud their visitors like your site does.

        It is Jasmine, yes? Denver?
        Is the phone and address on the domain registry info for this site still current?

        • Shane,

          How do I request my money back from my subscription to your service. Your constant hounding at this site and your insistence that you need to sue for libel has made me not want your services anymore. I try, as much as possible, to only deal with people/companies that are respectful of those around them. No matter what offenses they believe have been incurred against them.

          BTW, Shane, I actually asked this question to my lawyer (I have a service that allows me to ask as many questions as I want with no extra charge). In order for your libel suit to be worth anything, you have to have PROOF that:

          1. You are not a scam site. In order to prove this, you need to show all of your records back to the beginning of your business in order to serve that you provide picks that are in no way financially tied to you or any of your associates AND that any benefit from your picks would lie solely in the hands of your customers and no gain to anyone you associate with could come of you picking said stocks. Good luck proving this point.

          2. Griffith knew point number one. You must prove that Griffith willingly posted on his site that you are scam with full knowledge that you were not. You must prove that he had all documents necessary to say that you are not a scam. Again, good luck with proof of that.

          3. Intent. Griffith posted that you are a scam with the intent to damage your business (insofar as he knew it was a good business and thought, “This will get them”). This will be the most difficult to prove, considering that he discussed it with you here and didn’t immediately delete your comments. He also moved your site to an “Under Investigation” category. This would seem to counter-act any supposed intent Griffith had to damage your business.

          Even after Griffith has treated you with the utmost of professionalism, the fact that you continue to pursue this course of action has left a bad taste in my mouth from your “family business” (I would hate to be in your family based on what I have read here). The fact that you also ignored my other comment above also tells me that you do not care what I think, and therefore, you do not want my business. If you tell me what I need to do to get a refund, and then issue one, great. I will post on here and other sites that you do issue refunds and therefore cannot be all bad. If not, then I will just deal with the fact that I paid for nothing, as I will not be on your site again or ever use your picks. That will be my loss and I will live with it. At least it won’t “auto-renew” (although, if it did, I would just cancel right now and still take the same loss).

          I hope you will find something in your life that brings you some inner peace and joy. You sound like you need it. Maybe a family vacation away from your family business? Whatever you do, remember that life is short and make the most of the time you have.


          • Fred. How is it respectful to accuse me of fraud? Prove my innocense?

            He has not yet told me what we did?

            Fred, he is making money by lying about several websites to steal business from them to send them to websites he makes money from. That is not being reslrctful it is against the law.

          • So, first you don’t read my post. Then you accuse me of working with Griffith or accuse me of being Griffith. According to you, it’s one or the other. You have no evidence of either again! Just so we are clear: I am not Griffith, I do not work with Griffith. I don’t even know Griffith. I came to this site to read, and then I asked a simple question which apparently triggered some kind of an alert that brought you here with your full force and fury. Which makes sense. If I was Griffith, I would call attention to my site so that you can come here and yell and shout about lawyers and defamation suits. Then, before I could even know you that you were coming, I would make sure that I had a “debate” with myself about how credible your site is. Is that your logic here? Because, I have to tell you, I would expect more from the guy who analyzes and picks stocks as well as you claim to. The fact is, you are paranoid and making stuff up in your head. In fact, I’d like to see it, in his words where “he admitted all of that” – that, of course, being that he lists sites as scammers so that he can steal their business and turn a profit – which is what you accused him of. Please, show me that quote from his posts. You have a messed up sense of the world, you know that? Everything is about money with you and nothing else can motivate a person. However, you can make claims that your business is small enough to make a humble living and yet you also claim you have attack lawyers at your beck and call at the ready to file a lawsuit against every tiny blog that might say something bad about you. Wow. That’s credible. You can’t have it both ways, so even if you are not a scammer, you are a liar. So, I am done. You still haven’t responded about the refund, and I doubt you will. Why? I don’t know. I would guess it’s that you don’t want to give it, but you don’t want to say that here. Or maybe you don’t believe that I am a customer. Maybe you view me as another liar in your grand conspiracy scheme. Think whatever you like about me. I don’t let those accusations bother me, because I am credible and anyone who talks to me can figure that out for themselves. If not, then let them believe what they want. There are around 7 billion people in the world, around 3 billion on the internet and around 350 million who live in this country. I am sure I could eake out a living from that slice of the pie even with some small blogs calling me a liar or a scammer (most of what I have seen on your site from the rest of the internet has been mostly positive). I am sorry that pie is not big enough for you. Maybe someday, all 7 billion will be on the internet. Would that be enough?

            P.S. I don’t know if I would trust anyone to pick my stocks for me who can’t even read through a whole comment post on the internet. Either that, or you ignore everything a customer says to you. No wonder you have so much trouble with your business!

            P.P.S. You can respond with whatever you like. I am done with this conversation which is obviously going nowhere. Now people who read this will be able to decide on their own who they want to listen to. Your voice has been heard. Are you sure it says what you want it to?

          • Fred: If you read, I DID NOT accuse you of anything. I said I did not understand why you thought I was disrespectful but not the site owner. I ASKED rhetorically because that’s the only thing that could make sense to me at the time.

            Take a look, it was a question…. ended with a question mark, see? Asking is not the same as accusing. I have been accused… nobody asked me if I did or did not do anything to customers, they accused. There is a huge difference. I hope you can see that one day. The only one here lying is the website, you were the only one discussing it and in detail then you accused me of being unfair and a liar. I still am confused about that. So, I asked if you were working with – but I dont think you are at all… it was a rhetorical question to show how much that didnt make sense.

            My apologies if you did not or cannot understand that. But no, I did not accuse you of anything. I am not like that. Unlike others, my only accusations were about this site and them profiting on defaming innocent people. And I accused only after checking it out and finding the affiliate links. The owner then admitted everything I did state.

            Thank you for reading this. I hope you understand that I still work to stop people from being taken by the numerous scam sites (many foreign based) and here, I was accused as fact of doing what I work to prevent – WITH NO EVIDENCE and then a “maybe” you dont and now the site has again changed to back off. Everyone knows I do not do anything untrustworthy. If you search Google, I have been mentioned and thanked for years for reporting on bad sites. Sir, I have published artcles on Wall Street Journal Online, CBS MarketWatch and others. My main topic is protecting investors and educating them about unsavory sales tactics so they do not get taken. Do a search, please?

          • PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE ANSWERING AND THEN ANSWER THE POINTS I HAVE BROUGHT UP – otherwise, we are going nowhere, and you are wasting time you could otherwise be using to build your site.

            You are lucky I am bored today and I love to argue (especially when it’s with someone as thick-headed as you). I apologize to Griffith for ruining his comments section with all of my arguing.

            “Do you work together or are you really the same person?” – Shane

            “Fred, he is making money by lying about several websites to steal business from them to send them to websites he makes money from.” – Shane

            “They know all too well about this site.” – Shane, in reference to Peter Leeds or Rolleecoasterstocks.

            “My main topic is protecting investors and educating them about unsavory sales tactics so they do not get taken. Do a search, please?” – Shane

            “If you search Google, I have been mentioned and thanked for years for reporting on bad sites. Sir, I have published artcles on Wall Street Journal Online, CBS MarketWatch and others.” – Shane

            See, unlike you, I actually READ the comments before responding to them. Go ahead, pick only one thing to respond to out of this comment and ignore everything else. Just like you have done with every other comment I have made. Pick the battles you think you can win and ignore the ones you know you can’t. Typical of types like you. Please answer EVERY point and then we can have a real discussion that will actually go somewhere. In fact, go back and read my past comments, and then answer the points from there as well. You claim you want to educate people and advance the cause of taking on scammers, right? Then you would do well to do that.

            The first quote is, in fact, a question. It is also a question that requires said person to be one or the other. Go learn English and then come back to me and explain how that is not an accusation with exactly zero evidence. If it is as you say it is, a rhetorical question, then tell me this: what was the point? If it was a lesson in being accused of things without evidence, then why wasn’t it followed up with a request for information proving that I was not Griffith? That’s what Griffith did to you. THAT would have at least made some sense. You didn’t do that, though. Which leads me to believe the former, which is an accusation – one that backed off of because you could not provide any evidence. Say what you want about that, you might be able to convince me otherwise with enough evidence given.

            The second quote is a statement. One which you have exactly zero evidence of. That IS an accusation no matter what you want to call it, and one that you should be ready to show your proof! So, let’s see it. You say he admitted to it. Show me, out of a quote from his comments, where he says he is doing it. Otherwise, you are just as bad as him (actually worse, but we will get there soon). Or, you can admit it may be a mistake and you don’t know for sure that is what he is doing and then offer to allow him to submit evidence to the contrary to be considered. That’s what Griffith did for you, which is why right now, he looks better than you.

            The third quote is about this site, tippingrevolution.com. First of all, I only did quick searches about these stock sites, and only to see if this site and them are mentioned together (meaning I have exactly zero position on their credibility). Second, I could find nothing but a link back to this site while searching for Peter Leeds talking about this site. Third, by “Rolleecoasterstocks”, I figured that you probably meant “Rollercoasterstocks” since the first title would not pull up anything in Google. After that, I could not find any mention of this site with their name either. So, if you have some evidence about these sites and their position on this site, then please share it with us. I am going to guess you do not, but you could surprise me. If they are aware of this site and think it’s a scam, then why are they not shouting it from the mountaintops to save all of us from being scammed.

            The fourth quote is to again point out that you are not reading the whole comment and therefore are missing the bulk of what is being said. I have done searches on your company and have made many references to that fact. I have also stated many times that I do not believe your site is a scam. That is not the argument I am having here. Most of what you are stating doesn’t even apply to what I am telling you. Read my comments, please?

            The fifth comment is to state again that what you are saying contradicts other things you are saying. If you are publishing articles there, then how is a tiny blog in the world of mega-blogs hurting your revenues bad enough that you feel you need to threaten to sue? If you are thinking that Tim Sykes is hurting your revenue that bad, then why go after a tiny affiliate site and not him? Also, why are saying that you have lawyers at the ready and then go on to say that you make a humble earning? Can’t you see how that sounds contradictory to a common person who IS making a humble earning? Most people don’t run around with lawyers in their pockets. You run a family business. You could be making millions/year for all I know or care. You make it sound like it’s a mega-bucks business in one post, and then like it’s a mom-n-pop shop in the next. You can’t have it both ways. I believe I said that before…

            I am not saying that what Griffith did was 100% right. He listened to a friend who said your site was a scam. It was a mistake. One that he was willing to correct and even offered ways to make it win-win. You refused, based on what? Your pride? You were called a scammer so now you refuse to provide evidence that you are not, even if it will help drive business your way? No wonder you feel as if your business is struggling (I don’t know if it is one way or another, but most reasonable people don’t go off the way you did unless there is some kind of real crisis situation). Mistakes happen. There is mis-information all over the internet. If you think that this is horrifically egregious, then you should read some of the things people post about Wal-Mart or McDonald’s or President George W. Bush (the list could go on and on)! They have been blamed for intentionally killing people! On blogs, no less! I have not seen a single threat to sue from any of them, nor have I heard of them taking any bloggers to court (not saying that 100% it didn’t happen, but I have not seen it – although I welcome any evidence to the contrary). Why do you think that is?

            When you are ready to actually respond to all of the points I have brought up, then we can probably come to some understanding with enough dialog. Even enough so that I will brush off your earlier tirades and chalk them up to you just having a bad couple of days and come back to using your site. Maybe I will then even recommend your site. I am usually pretty brand-loyal, so when you get me as a customer, you get me for life and I do everything I can to make sure you are making money. Let’s see where this goes from here. It’s up to you…

          • You can write a guest post and point out anything you need to show your legitimacy. Link to whatever you need to. And about my friend, it does not matter, I’m not going to ask him anything further. At this point if you are willing to do a bit of work to put something together for me. I will look it over and if it pans out and feels right I’ll put you under the honest newsletter section as well as a link to your guest post.

            Comment here again once you have it set and then send it over to deathbysamwalton@gmail.com

          • Shane,

            How is it respectful to accuse him of lying and stealing business? You have zero evidence of either, but yet you are willing to post that here! Isn’t that the same thing you are mad at him for? Hmmm…

            Did you miss the part where Griffith offered linkbacks and let you be a guest blogger (down the line) to help drive business to your site? Yeah, you probably did because you don’t seem to want to read everything before you start yelling and threatening lawyers again (at least that is how you come off).

            Which brings me to ask, you present yourself as a small family business, but you have attack lawyers and are ready and able to start lawsuits against small blog owners? Hmmm… sounds suspicious to me.

            I looked at your picks on your site before I joined. I checked charts on several of them. I could not see a classic pump-n-dump curve there. I also read reviews from several places around the web. I was convinced that you were legit. I came to this site and was surprised to find your stock on the list of scams. I asked a simple question to guage the response (never show all of your cards up front when approaching something like this). When I got the response, I read it thoroughly, and then decided it didn’t gel with what I was reading everywhere else. So, I listed the evidence that I had saying how I came to the conclusion that your site was legit. Griffith then posted a reasonable response saying that he could be wrong and would check it out and if I could report my findings (being a customer), he would appreciate it. So, I said I would. That was it. All someone had to do was read a couple of comments down and they would see that your site may not be bad. Anyone that would find your site and be willing to subscribe would have done a lot more research than just here, and would have read anything they could about your site. Instead, you now look like you might not be legit (by the combination of this site listing you as a scam, and the responses you posted). I believe you are legit, but to anyone reading your responses, you look like you aren’t. It’s the same trouble I have had when reading Tim’s responses around the web (Although, I don’t believe he’s legit in some areas).

            So, because I believe that you are a jerk who I don’t like, I won’t do business with you. I try to do that where I can, but it oftentimes doesn’t work out like that. You come off as the corporate jack-ass who wants to throw his weight around to try to be de-listed as a scammer instead of just proving he isn’t one (again, not saying that is who you are, but that is how you come off). This is one of those times when I have plenty of choice of who I deal with. Last post I asked for a refund. You either didn’t read that part, chose to ignore it, or I wasn’t clear enough. I am going to assume the latter and make it as clear as I can. I want a refund. What do I have to do to get one? An e-mail or a place on the site or what? If you don’t want to give me a refund, then I will be a little unhappy and after that, I’ll move on. Just tell me you don’t want to give one. Either way, I will not be visiting or supporting your site again (and this is coming from the person who stood up for you in the beginning). If you change the attitude in the future, then I will look into your site again.


          • Fred,

            Accuse him?
            He listed us as a scam site and stated in a comment that he has no evidence. That is not an accusation, that is fact. Its on this page.

            Do you think its ok to state as fact (not accuse us, stated as fact) that we do anything improper with no evidence? That, sir, is illegal to do.

            It is the same as if I were to say you comitted crimes… and a potential employer decided not to hire you. That would be against the law if I know you did not do those things.

            The owner of this site admitted that there is no reason to think we did. Fred, he is just listing sites so that people who search Google may come here and he will direct innocent folks like you to sites that pay him. That is not only not ok, it is, in fact an illegal avtivity.

            I am sorry if he fooled you. Our business is 10 years old and we are one of the few honest sites out there. This site here has done nothing but lie and is making money from it. I cannot understand why you cannot see that.

            Di you actually work together? I dont understand. I can tell you whixh stock sites are honest and which are not. If you want, go ask real sites. Ask Peter Leeds or Rolleecoasterstocks. They are my competitors but they too are up front and do not make any money off of the stocks themselves. They know all too well about this site.

            The owner of this site admitted he has no reason to think we did anything wring ever.

            What more do u need?

            I would be furious if I were you. Youve been literally lied to, then they admitted to it, and you still defend them?

            Do you work together or are you really the same person?

            An innocent person and Mom-n-Pop type business was slandered, then they admitted it was not true. Wouldnt you be upset? My reputation is my most valuable asset. It is what I am known for. I have referred visitors to homest competitors when they asked a out other sites. I do not lie and in fact I quit the brokerage business because I wanted to do something that I loved and be 100 % honest and give the real unbiases research to regular people.

            And after 10 years of sweat, I have a small company that pays enough to make a humble living. Then someone slanders me and even admits it was a lie. The reason is to (he admitted it here) steer business away from us and a few others ro make money himself… but never mentioned that until I commented on his affiliate links. So, he admitted he lied to take business… and make money by lying about honest sites.

            I am not accusing, he admitted all of that. Right here. Please read it. I am protecting my livlihood and my family from someone who admited lying to profit from it.

  7. I will be happy to submit any and all information you want. You just need to tell me exactly what you want. Since I own no stocks at all, I am not sure what you want. It states above that I have not submitted anything to you yet. I would LOVE to, but I have no idea (and you have yet to say) what it is you want. It is basically impossible to prove a negative here,… you are asking me to submit documents that will prove we do not get paid not own shares we pick. How is that possible?

    Our website, for 10 years now, states that fact that we have zero financial interest in the stocks we pick. Being a former licensed representative, the SEC knows where I am. My U4 is spotless. It would be illegal to do what you accuse us of. But, we’ve been in business since February of 2004. We would have been shut down long ago if we did what you accuse us of.

    I would love for YOU to post your “evidence” that you “have seen”. I know there is none. That’s why you do not post anything. Of course, it’s through “someone else”. Yeah, OK.

    I asked for you to check what stock they were talking about and I would then know if he was even talking about us. You have not stated what stock… still to this day!

    If you need to be dishonest, Nathan, to make a living, fine.
    I don’t need to and do not lie to make my living.
    If you have to lie, then you’re simply not smart enough to make an honest living like 90% of the rest of us.

    • At this point I’m not requesting anything to prove yourself.

      I simply just want you to do a guest post about your service.

      And I do not make a living from this website.

      YTD I think I maybe have produced around $1,500.. So I’m not in it make a living, an enjoyable side income is nice, but I’m doing my best to be fair as well, in my opinion, this site is what I believe to be accurate for me… For another person it could be shit, that’s life for you. Like I said, I received information orally from another. I do not want to hunt him down to interrogate him. So please at the moment I’m just requesting a guest post from you.

      It will make up for any challenges created here, as you will get positive feedback from this site, as well as a backlink that will support you in the search engine rankings.

      Just let me know when you have something….

      Really anything, as long as you just explain your position like you have here… It could be a sales page for all I care right now, whatever tickles your fancy will be perfect.

      -Griffith Hawk

    • First I’m going to re-quote what you just said earlier…

      “I will be happy to submit any and all information you want. You just need to tell me exactly what…”

      So what the fuck happened in between this?

      I’m going to be deleting your comments from now on as long as they are like the ones you just sent.

      If you had a brain in your head about the concept of SEO, you’d know that the opportunity I gave you in the end will give you more traffic as well as a positive review from this website.

      But it seems it’s too hard for you to figure that I’m actually giving you an option to be treated more than fairly here and yet you continue to throw lawsuit crap in my face?

      Are you kidding me? There is absolutely nothing you can do, and if you did happen to file a suit against me. I won’t show up, and even if I did… what would you get out of it? A couple thousand dollars after spending more then that on lawyers and every other cost in the book when it comes down to suing?

      Plus there is an extremely high possibility that I would win the case by default, because as there is now (nor really ever has been), nothing on this page that “slanders” you inappropriately. This is America and I do have the right to say that I heard that your website was not up to what I considered “par” from a third party…

      It doesn’t matter what was said, or if I have written proof with his signature and Drivers ID number next to it. I don’t need to come up with anything when I’m posting my own opinions and thoughts.

      So there is nothing I’m going to do for you.

      Either you grow up and work with me to help you and your site, or stop showing up and don’t worry about it. There seems like at times I think you might actually want me to assist you and your site, but then you have a freaking flip out like a bi-polar maniac!

      Do yourself a favor and get me the fucking review for your site. Otherwise, this page will never change, and if you continue to want to play this game. I will no longer play, and you’ll be standing in the fucking rain with your thumb up your ass, crying wolf.

      It’s your choice, I’d choose wisely, I’m still willing to help, but you are quickly running that option dry!


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