The Best Stocks to Buy and Who to Listen to

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Who do You Listen to About the Best Stocks to Buy?
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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The Best Stocks to Buy Using Stock Market Educational Series with Timothy SykesHere’s a weird fact you may not know about the stock market:

Stocks and trading have been estimated to have begun as early as 9000 to 8000 BC, at which time clay coins or tablets were used for accounting of shares and percentages of ownership of what ever was being traded.

There are so many fantastic stories and facts about the stock market but there is one fact that many know and if you don’t listen up!

“%90 of people who begin stock trading in the market lose money

Let me tell you why this is important and what you’ll discover about yourself and the path you’re about to embark once you finish this short, but yet VERY eye opening article about WHO you listen to about the best stocks to buy as well which stock trading school to look into, and the answer will surprise and motivate you in a positive direction along your newest career path and the answer will be blatantly obvious when you reach the end of this page!

Prepare Yourself and Listen up!

I’m going unveil the secret of truly profiting in the stock market!

The answer?

Find the right people to help you understand the stock market. Just like I noted earlier, finding a stock trading school and teachers who can help you buy the best stocks are really your best bet!

It’s like finding the version of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry and receiving an invitation to attend, but for stocks.

A stock trading school is your saving grace to the madness!

Now let me repeat that again, a “stock trading school”.

Not a who can give the best stocks to buy school.

I can give you a handful of wonderful trust worthy traders that do this!
Which you can read about here!

But to use another corny metaphor it’s like Harry Potter entering a magical wand store and simply just choosing a wand and trying to figure out how to make it work without having used the knowledge and wisdom of his teachers at Hogwarts.

So who do you listen to?

Well I’ll tell you what this concept really means and how you can apply it and then you’re going to watch a short video of the man I follow into the stock market battlefield and you can then take a second to analyze the sincerity and the raw moral ethics of this trader.

The Best Stocks to Buy are Stock Shares In Yourself
Invest Into Your Future!

Who do you listen to was taught to me about 6-7 years ago by several different mentors and it’s basic premise is to understand 3 simple steps:

1. What do you want?

2. Find people who have what you want.

3. Preferably those who have what you want but more importantly were where you are now!

And here’s the last step as a bonus!

You ultimately listen to yourself!

If things don’t feel right, you are more then likely to be correct!

Seems pretty simple right?

Well it is and you can apply this to anything in life and you should starting now, as in right now!

This will guide you to make the correct decision and to help you mingle with the correct crowds when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

But I have something to confess!

I brushed this off as some fancy, feel good type of new age belief and practice,

I knew better, I did!

But when it came to entering the market I knew who I should have been listening to and investing in for more information, but I didn’t and I lost around $500 my first time in the market, and as quick as I wired the money in, it was headed on out!

So take this serious, at least for a little while longer, because in essence, I’m not that serious of a person, but I know better now and I hope you can learn from my mistakes starting now!

Many people look to the internet for information regarding a stock trading school they could attend online which will assist them in building an investment profile strategy that works and will continue to work into the future!

Are you one of those people?

Over the past 4 years of dabbling and researching I’ve still not found anyone as clear and ethically moral then Timothy Sykes and his stock trading school!

Stock Trading School with Timothy SykesThe thing about the best stocks to buy really just comes down to knowing when things are in play and the best way to know what that is, to learn from someone one who you can relate to and has proof of their experience in the market like Timothy Sykes and his stock trading school!

I wrote a Timothy Sykes review a few months back that you might be interested in because really in the end, Sykes has the only stock trading school that I want to be apart of right now.

So take a further look into Timothy Sykes because the best stocks to buy are in yourself and the the best stocks to buy for yourself are from those in people who can help you build your investing career while avoiding those who just want to take advantage like Pennystock Egghead, which you can read here!

The stock trading school of Timothy Sykes WILL help you understand the market.

Simply watch a couple videos a day using his Silver Newsletter membership and you’ll find the best stocks to buy are many times the worst companies on the market!

Get involved in your trading career, find out what the best stocks to buy really are, by discovering how to do it yourself any time you want and slowly remove yourself from the grip and power of someone else over your investment portfolio by LEARNING from the best stock trading school online today! Timothy Sykes on

Go ahead now and see what I mean by researching further about Timothy Sykes by visiting his profile on and view his real time statistics of what he has been trading right now!

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So now you know it’s not who can supply you the best stocks to buy, but who to learn to trade from that counts in the end!

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