Review of Trading with the Gods DVD Course

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Review of Trading with the Gods DVD Course

Trading with the Gods WD Gann and FibonacciI just finished a pirated version of Trading with the Gods given to me by a friend.. He thought I’d like it and well… I can’t pass up a free educational course on trading right now… Sorry Alan! But at least I can give you this great review as a way of saying thank you! Right?

Sure why not? It’s better then nothing! Hey and check this out. I’m even linking to you! Hurray for a diversified backlink portfolio! Any way lets get to this! Trading with the Gods is to say… JUST THAT! You are literally are tapping into a mathematical sequence of events that happen if we like it or not. So with that knowledge you can then watch the same patterns unfold on to the markets! It’s also called the Law of Vibration in the market world… But most people know it as, the Fibonacci Sequence. In many charting programs you’ll see some tools used by those that look deeper into the flow of the market in such ways.

One person that did that the best lived back in the early 1900’s his name was William D. Gann. This guy “predicted” price movements months and years in advance! He would get it EXACT! But you should also know that back then the stock market moved in intervals of 1/8ths when it came down to sub penny prices. So he would predict that wheat would move to 150.15 7/8’s and he would ding it right on the spot. He discovered some amazing things being a super mathematical guy as well as a Freemason! The guy dabbled in the esoteric as well, which was not so much discussed in his books and findings, mostly just passed down from people who knew him!

He had a lot up his sleeve, even going as far as looking into astrological events and movements of energy! Because lets face it, if you believe in a Fibonacci sequence you also know and can easily believe that the energy we pass through changes the way people think, full moons actually do control peoples thoughts and their physiological state! But lets get back on track. Trading with the Gods goes over very important states of the market as well as the very important Fibonacci numbers.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811

Fibonacci Number Spiral

To basically not make this super complicated it might be best to understand that these numbers are moved around on a decimal point and at points finds the pi ratio in many cases and can represent many different states. But what I got out of this the most was learning the Fibonacci retracement tool … which you can learn about HERE. But then Alan goes over how Gann also found Fibonacci in time and at during cycles of time it would rise or fall. Basically giving you a heads of market trend changes! Which… I mean c’mon, if you knew just that piece of information, how much do you think it could help decide in your favor if you should short a stock or go long on a stock?

His favorite number that he found was 144… in fact that was a major number he used in time sequences as well as price sequences. In the end there was so many new signals that I learn but the charting platform I’m (TD Ameritrade) only has retracement and a few others.  Basically what I saw was that it would be best to either figure out a “free” market analyst program called Gannalyst V.5 … it’s not really free unless you can some how figure out how to import your own market data into the program.. which I did not, but it’s “free” because in the end you have to pay for a data subscription… Bah!

But Alan was using Market Analyst V7 and that with the Gann indicator tools was like $3,000 … so I could not play around with all the indicators I learn through this DVD. But in the end I saw some amazing patterns and some very clear indicators that could make or break and decision to get in or out of a stock… even these petty little penny stocks!

But in the end to finish this review… because well it’s pretty hard to really talk about this DVD when I could use only a few indicators. But I did successful use a few of these indicators to spot some great break outs! In the end the more indicators to show a trend of a stock the better… in fact that is exactly what W.D Gann said… You should never use just one indicator when deciding a stock break out or break down! I mean, when it comes down to it Alan really help me understand Fibonacci/Gann indicators, I’ve purchased some books on this… some very expensive ones and damn they made it hard as hell to understand. Seemed like it was almost on purpose! But I’m able to understand these other books better because of Alan!

I guess perhaps once I get a program to over this further I’ll have more to say, but currently from what I can do on my own, it’s absolutely on par, and you can review some of this information on youtube if you wish. I’m not going to waste my page rank shooting shit to youtube links if I don’t have to! But hey you can listen to tool lateralus that song is based off of the Fibonacci Sequence if you didn’t yet listen to it!

-Griffith Hawk




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Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself

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Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself
+ how to fight effectively against it to WIN!

Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself and How To Beat It

As you may or may not know my end game for my life is to create a retreat center for psychological, physical and economic well being. It’s legal name is called Health & Economics of America. It’s been my torch and my reason to continue to push forward to learn different ways to create income, health and well-being in myself… So that I can turn around and teach others. I’ve been really gifted to have been mentored by millionaires… continually. The learning really never stops. Day in and out. It’s actually pretty tough! Discipline really is needed for those who wish to attain higher ground – to move to those higher heights!

Samael is the most positive esoteric metal band I know besides Scar Symmetry .. Listen!

So why does that matter in a post about Psychological Trading Warfare against yourself? Well… it has a lot to do with what I’ve learn from these millionaires and the energetic cleansing and healing that I’ve dabbled and practiced with… from certified practitioners to practicing, learning and using these methods on myself. So what do these energetic cleansing do? In short when you are a in stock and your psyche is starting to get the best of you and say your in a stock and it’s bouncing in and out and moving all over the place, many people will start to get the trading jitters… I get them but I know how to control them so they don’t take me over and scare me out of a trade!

Just today my software fried out and a winning stock quickly turned into a losing one! As it was frying out I was using a method called EFT or more appropriately I was using a more simple method called QEC … I used this technique to remain calm and quickly log on to the main TDAmeritrade website to do a trade on their site – it allowed me to quickly stop flipping out, thinking reasonably and act accordingly to minimize possible damages!

But what is EFT and QEC? Well EFT is a well known healing technique that is base off of acupuncture … but it’s done without needles! You can watch the video below to get an understanding of EFT and see how it’s done below..

QEC is “Quantum Emotional Clearing” and is somewhat similar but has many different sectors in it… The one I’m most interested in is it’s simplification of EFT. But first here’s a brief explanation of QEC:

Tapping was originally developed by Gary Craig, who calls it Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  EFT “is an emotional, needle-free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues.  It often works where nothing else will.”

Aspen Bio-Energetic Medicine Practitioner Lee Beymer has modified the process into Quantum Emotional Clearing or QEC.  While similar to EFT in its use of meridian tapping, “QECTM is a form of Energy Therapy that accelerates one’s growth by releasing stuck energetic patterns.  This instant therapy sidesteps the ‘talk it out approach,’ rapidly helping people to clear negative emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, worry, addiction, and self-sabotage.”

QEC Day Trading Clearing TechniqueI’ve been able to sit with Lee Beymer a few times and go through many different clearing methods with him, which we’re nothing short of amazing! As you can see from this brief explanation how powerful using this technology for yourself can be while trading (or anything).

So simply use this technique whilst you’re in a trade and feeling the jitters … or even when you’ve lost a trade and you’re desperately chasing a stock trying earn back some lost money! First off… Don’t do that unless a pattern shows itself, and if you keep going in and losing… You need to stop. But a lot of the time we do these stupid things and break rules we know we shouldn’t because of fear, anxiety and loss! These techniques will help relieve these “dumbass” symptoms and return you to a more center position where you can think clearer and decide on facts of the pattern other then your monkey brain flipping out.

As you can see above in the picture all you will be doing is tapping on your third eye area… But instead of just one finger you will be tapping with your first three fingers… not hard but not too soft. Feel it, but don’t hurt yourself. I tap at a semi-fast rate when I start to have the jitters whilst in a trade and it quickly pulls me back to my rational brain so that I can focus on the task at hand! I can almost assure about anyone who tries this while in a trade and having trouble maintaining themselves, this will help. I know how intense it can be, being in a trade even if it’s a stupid low cost trade!

It’s intense, it’s a rush and that rush can really fuck shit up, if you let it! The warfare and many problems I can foresee on newbie traders like myself is truly this rush. It’s scary putting so much on the line, when it’s taken so long to build it up just to “possibly” see it drop like a rock! So I’ll give you one more point that can help with this “feeling”. When you tap you can also say to yourself or better yet feel the excitement of a win instead of the rush of a possible loss. This could help you start attracting better situations but even if it doesn’t it starts reprogramming your mind on the goal!

THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

So be sure to drop this one in your tool box and USE IT! Even if your wife, brother, sister, dad or mother.. or your great grand father is in the room. Use it! It only works if you use it… even if you look like a dipshit! Just use it when your flipping out! And better yet, knowing full well how intense learning to trade can be, you can use this to also help you stay focused through your learning curve so that you do not just drop this like a bag of shit… you know like everything else you’ve “tried” in your life?

This shit works, and trading working. Specially when learning from individuals like Timothy Sykes who has a record of performance that can be tracked. He’s the real deal and you can learn from him too! It’s easy to drop a bomb shell on your account and lose %25 to %75 (or all of your account (Or fuck… have to owe money)) in a single trade!

It’s not much to ask for you to man up and pay up so you can .. first off actually get something for your hard earned money and second help you not lose the money you still have or the money you’ll make to try out trading for the first time… or jump back into it again.

But better yet… I should have said help you MAKE MONEY!!!

So don’t be a fool… Psychological Trading Warfare is mostly versus yourself not so much the stock market… The patterns are there… the trades are there and they are not going any where… You on the other hand… You could be leaving as quickly as you came in, so have some balls, this is not an easy road. But the rewards are there for the taking if you can take the time to learn what you need and use simple to use techniques like QEC and EFT to help you steer clear of bullshit negative thinking and the jitters..

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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Timothy Sykes – Shortstocking DVD Review

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Looking to Buy Timothy Sykes – Shortstocking DVD? Here’s My Review

Purchase Buy ShortStocking by Timothy Sykes Stream TorrentBefore I actually started this site I had already gone through Timothy Sykes Shortstocking DVD … I was actually on a vacation at a hot spring up in Salida Colorado… The private spring was awesome! As well as the cabin that we stayed at, which was a fairly decent sized home! It was absolutely beautiful from the backyard where the private spring was… The view was of Chaulk cliffs and a view of Mount Elbert (I believe) … which is a 14k (fourteener).

Wow super awesome! So while I was there on down time, when I wasn’t smoking shit loads of pot or chilling in the hot spring I was working on going through the Shortstocking DVD. But what is there to really say about it…? It’s a bunch of slides and tid bits about shorting stocks that have been pumped to death and are on the way down! I mean I guess that’s what it is if you really don’t give a shit about your trading education… Perhaps you believe that shorting is sketchy or you just don’t feel like you want to go down that path!

That’s totally cool. But if you plan on being in trades for the bullish charts, then you HAVE TO know short stocking! Why do I say that? It will give you the best ideas when a stock is ready to break down, giving you a chance to realize profits before the rape session begins on newbie traders that bought these stocks from promo e-mails and hyped up press releases and news! I’d say when everything is said and done I fully believe that the money spent to become familiar with shorting is an absolute blessing when walking into the market for the first time, or if you’ve been a seasoned trader for awhile!

If you want to get the best education when it comes to Shorting stocks, I mean who are you really going to head to!? I mean yeah you can find some others that have great information. But you’ll end up paying out the ass for it! Tim really does give people a chance to learn penny stocking to the fullest without totally breaking the bank… I say totally, because I know there are people that will read this that go… Actually that will break the bank buying any DVDs or Newsletter subscriptions.

And to that I say.. that sucks man. If you really are off that bad, you might want to start reading Tim’s blog… it’s for free and you’ll start to get a good idea how to start trading. But if you really are that broke, it’s going to be a tough ride growing your account size! But I salute you for doing your best and looking to find individuals/gurus/mentors that can help you!

So not really much to say about Tim’s Shortstocking DVD other then you’ll be blasted for hours with shortable charts, and information on how to play shorts! Like I said in my last review, repetition is the mother of all skill… The more you get familiar with these charts the more you’ll understand trading as whole, which ultimately gives you the edge you need to survive and thrive in the stock world!

So get to it! If you have the drive and you got the dough, I fully recommend Shortstocking by Timothy Sykes! Go get it today and watch that bitch like 3 times! You won’t regret it!

-Griffith Hawk

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Looking to Buy Timdicators? Pennystocking and Trading Madness

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Looking to Buy Timdicators? Pennystocking and Trading Madness

buy timdicatorsI just finished watching 10 hours of Timdicators. So what do I think of it? …. Well I think it’s fucking amazing. But at the same time brutal as hell to get through.. Seriously. I’d say you’d be better actually going. It was not so much the information that was brutal (although there we’re some parts I was really starting to fall asleep too), but it was mostly his camera guy. Shit was out of focus, or he would zoom in on the guys face talking when I want to see the stock being spoken about… Or better yet, was so totally confused on what he was suppose to be zooming in on.

The room was super dark because of the auto correct in the camera. It seems that perhaps he was someone who gets hired to film other seminars, and that is the kind of stuff they expect in a camera guy… So you know, it’s not totally his bad, but I’d say that Tim and the crew should train their guys a bit better to recognize where the camera should be. I don’t really need to see their faces the WHOLE time. Also, I understand the point of streaming, you limit torrent downloads and people stealing and trading information. Really boo hue! I say that because the bandwidth speed for watching it was shit! Out of the 10+ hours or so I prolly had to wait an extra hour or two and in the end of things it possibly assisted in me dicking around for another 4 – 5 hours. I would have completed this training within a couple days but I couldn’t keep myself motivated to wait a couple minutes every 5 minutes of video.

I felt like I was watching Fox when they release a new movie or something, commercials every other damn minute! Other then that, amazing, amazing, amazing! I got lot of new references and information I’d prolly never really be exposed too if I would not have had purchased this seminar on DVD. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m talking shit in the beginning to get it out of the way, I really do appreciate the many guest speakers giving me (and you 😉 ) a run down of how their niche plays out and how they’ve created their income.

Being someone who is new (like me), this helps a lot in terms of directing me towards styles I wish to try and ultimately master. I never knew much about Superman (an epic trader! Made something like $420,000 going long on SPEX) , but wow, being that I’m going to be residing in Japan, I think I could handle hes trading style much more effectively then I could say Tims – which is holding for days to up to 45 days. So it gives me a great area to jump into after I’ve discovered more about how I use Tim’s style while I’m still in Colorado.

This DVD has gotten me pumped up to want to learn more in the end, and through out the day I get pretty excited about releasing the flood gates and full immersing myself into the game. I still have to pull myself back from jumping in though. Although I feel as of right now I would be better suited to trade then most people in the penny stock world, I don’t like to half ass a good once over with the information I’ve been given.

I still have PennyStocking part Deux, Fundamentals Deux, TimRaw, Level 2, Timtactics, SEC filings, Textbook Trading, Fous 1/2 and around 1200 Silver Subscription Newsletter Videos to go through. Now I won’t be waiting for months to go through the Silver Subscription, I’ll get to those while I trade… I don’t really feel I need to wait another 2-3 weeks to get to it! My goal in all this from what I’ve been hearing, is to become proficient at taking loses quickly, becoming like a “sniper” and let the trades come to me and to aim small and miss small (as Tim Discusses).

It truly seems that this is totally possible, to come from a place with very limited knowledge of the stock market… and I mean LIMITED! Before I picked up any Timothy Sykes info back I believe in 2009 or 2010 I didn’t know squat! Really! Now I can look at a chart and really see where possibilities can pop up… In the end of the day though, if you are an inspiring trader, then what are you willing to give up for it? Are you going to stop going to your bowling club, or watching your favorite shows or giving up golf? I mean what are you absolutely at the end of the rope willing to give up to learn to trade?

I learn this simple technique from a few millionaire mentors that I’ve met with. This will really give you an idea of what your commitment to something truly is! If you are not able to give up watching Sex and the City or something retarded like that, or give up that golf game or going out to drink with friends then how do you truly expect to get any where? I believe I can talk a bit of shit about people I see in chat rooms and comments and even in person, because I’ve been to the seminars, I’ve listened to the audio books and read the books… Then I see the followers, sucking up like big fucking jack asses and agreeing with everything that “master” says… NO!! Fuck that!

In the end I laugh a lot of them, because unless I see faces over and over again, I basically write most people off as “flash in the pans”… then it’s off to a new adventure and to spend a bunch of money just to turn around and quit for something else! I totally respect people that can jump into something new and truly give it the time it needs to really understand and KNOW if this is something for them… but most people give up way too early and that fucking sucks! I think a lot of people, if they took the time, and invested the money and truly gave it the time it needs would be a lot happier and much more wealthy then they are now, if they just stopped jumping around monkeys trying to find that “quick fix”.

Out of everything that I’ve invested in and messed around with (messed around with meaning… I went past the poke it with a stick method)… I’ve never really seen such a plethora of information that can be used immediately to create a true wealth creating income! This comes from a guy whose made decent money in website marketing! Timothy Sykes information I believe is amazing, and you should be grateful that he decided to make a shit load of money selling you his information!

So that’s my rant/sales pitch / review.. I guess? So I’ll see you on!

-Griffith Hawk

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Psychology of Learning to Trade … Thus far

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Psychology of Learning to Trade

Psychology of Learning to Trading Get A Goal For Life

So again here I am kind of procrastinating.. I have soooo much to watch and go through still! God damn! I know it never really ends, but I’m one of those freak’n psychos who end up jamming as much shit into the shortest amount of time. Hey don’t get me wrong though, I’m a professional at doing this! Trust me!

Ever since High School … which I hated and actually got expelled from, I was in a group … we’ll just call it a “secret society” … although it was available to the public. Anyway. They offered up some very very compelling information about historical events of the past… You know. The kind with actual facts and science and research.. you know shit like that! Anyway I was exposed to people like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Robert Anton Wilson … then that flooded the gate with people in the Marketing industry like Dr. Joe Vitale, Peter Wink, Steve G Jones… I’ll just stop now… My point?

I’ve snagged up all the esoteric and practical things I possibly could. In fact I can single handedly thank this “secret society” for my love of gathering knowledge and continuing to learn and expand. Difference between many people who walk the path of gathering random knowledge.. I actually do my best to actually use it. Which means I get to actually say if something works or not, because I truly give it my best at my current level and means!

Great thing about trading is that bitcoin gave me my break! “Thank you bitcoin!”…

So I can actually move this money and learn from it. I feel it’s like my college tuition! Yes it could possibly be lost… Doubtful, but always possible. Doubtful because I’m actually taking the time and focus to learn what to do and more importantly what NOT to do… obviously if I know what not to do I’m pretty free to create a higher winning ratio then the average bear in the street of wall!

So what is my run down still of all this information and to get to the fucking point?

Okay… let’s break it down into points

1. Fuck! It doesn’t end

2. That’s okay

3. Are we there yet?

4. No…

5. Are we there yet?

6. No…

7. Another chart pattern

8. Another chart pattern

9. Another chart pattern

10. Don’t fucking do this

11. Do that

12. When it does this

13. Do that

14. Is it Friday

15. Is this a pump?

16. Where’s support?

17. Where’s resistance?

18. Don’t short on highs

19. Don’t short on lows

20. Who is your fucking broker!

21. Get a better one!

So as you can see… my psychology of learning the ropes is pretty simple to define… I’m going fucking crazy with what to do with all this information! It’s like taking a dog and feeding it rage pills and whacking the cage with a stick just to piss it off! I want to jump on to the dance floor and use this… but what I’m doing is completely what I should be doing. Watching during the day, paper trading if you will, watching patterns, looking at news and scanning SEC filings. I want to be that person who can learn to trade like a retired super trader, I really believe Timothy Sykes is right when he says it’s best to play it like that!

Now will I? No at least not at first, to be a true retired trader I will have at least had to trade a little while, fuck up a bit and move on to fully learn how markets can re-act to situations at hand! It’s easy to dream of the big wins of course and I will always enjoy feeling what it might be like to score such a price… but my studies in life have told me and many millionaire mentors have told me that the big win is not the end and that feeling will fade (I’ll be sure to fully enjoy it though). So what is it truly that I want out of trading, because as much as I can that I will take to it like I do all my endevours I want something more then just trading…

But I won’t go there! I have honorable goals and I want a lavish rich lifestyle as well to travel and have another stream of income that I could have any time I wish! My psychology to trading is that I’m going crazy. but my true goals I’m doing this for actually keep me sane enough to keep going! So you better have a fucking reason to want to do this or you should prolly get the fuck out now! Just a fair warning. It’s not for the faint of heart… and that’s just for the learning curve!

So in the end, building nerves of steel to keep pressing forward with my goals is another reward for having to go through such an excruciating setup just to learn! Know where the hell you are going!

Point made… you don’t know. Go do something else. But chances are you’ll fail there! Just start dabbling around with higher goals then “money”… because you better know what the hell you want or your mind will never create a path for you to get there!

-Griffith Hawk

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