What is the Best (Trustworthy) Pennystock Newsletter Online?

What is the Best (Trustworthy) Pennystock Newsletter Online?
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk


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How Can I Trust A Pennystock Newsletter Ever AgainIt seems my research deepens further and further the more I notice how much scam happy people are out there pushing “The Best Pennystock Newsletter“… Well I’m here to inform you that many Pennystock pick sites and “newsletters” are nothing but a bunch of hype and promoters pushing stocks they got for a discount. Is it illegal? On some levels absolutely, but it’s such a gray area and so much money is being pushed around that I don’t see in the near future any governments really stepping in to stop these types of people from reaching into your back pocket!

So I’ve been doing my due diligence mostly for myself but I’ve found over the months that many people have been appreciating the research, so hopefully you can also benefit from this as well. Since beginning of the year I’ve been following Timothy Sykes, I’ve purchased many DVDs from him and a couple of his friends over at Profit.ly and I have to say from the material I’ve gone through and the information I’ve learn through Timothy Sykes Penny Stocking Silver membership I feel I’m becoming pretty proficient at finding scammers because I now know their angle and what fish they are trying to reel in!

My most recent bust was of Pennystock Egghead, you can read about it here, and I really recommend it, because as professional as the website is (for Pennystock Egghead), it’s really a rotting piece of crap underneath ready to take all your money in a matter of minutes! So who should you trust in the Pennystock world? Well I can tell you it’s one of those things where 99% of the crap online is bunk fake ass scammers when it comes to the stock market. Everyone is crawling over each others heads trying to get to the top. Thing is, those people will never find themselves at the top, because many times the natural ways of building wealth requires you to offer something of value, whereas these people do not! (Do not get me wrong they certainly can live great pathetic lives for doing so!)

One thing to note though, you can use these people and their “Penny Stock Newsletters” to bank even though they are scammers. Let me explain really quick on why in the end they are scammers. Literally they are looking for the newbie stock traders, they will act like their friend by give you (them) little helpful tid bits about pennystocks that are true! But… they’ll purposefully omit many important things when it comes to selling, holding or shorting a stock. Many times you’ll never see a Pennystock news letter pumping a short! This is because many times these people have some kind of end game with the stock, they either have stock they are holding or someone they know has a bunch… Or better yet, they were sold a mass amount of discounted stock to pump the stock!

So they want you to get all excited and get ready for that bell to ring early in the morning and put your entire life savings into their shit stock so later in the day they can pull it all out while your taking a crap! You think I’m kidding? Watch this short clip, you’ll see what they make you feel like until they pull out their stock and many times if you are not a seasoned Pennystocker you’ll fall for their crap every single time! Whats sad is, many people walk into the stock market with the right attitude only to be stabbed in the back by people they “thought” they could trust. What is also sad is that if given the right push, these people (or perhaps even you) could have really excelled in pennystocking (or just the stock market in general)!

Whats the trick to finding people you can trust? First off I always look to see if they have a past, what I mean by that is I do my research, I look to see what people are saying, I ignore super A++++ reviews but I also ignore people who leave the worst feedback in the world. This is a simple psychology based review. You skim off the top and the bottom of the results and what do you have? More people bitching or more people applauding their work? Here in a minute I’ll share with you a group of people who have more people applauding then bitching.

When you do a search for a Pennystock Newsletter you’ll be blasted by people buying Google ads, mostly because the Pennystock Newsletter they ran a couple months ago got such a bad wrap that they have to start over because no one trusts them! In many cases I ignore Google ads, because of this. But you also can’t always trust the #1 Google results in many cases either for such a competitive keyword like “Pennystock Newsletter“. There is a thing in the online marketing world called SEO, and SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it can be fucked with, and that’s to say it nicely. Over a years time Google and other search engines are constantly fighting off these people are faking their rankings (they call them algorithm changes). People can trick the search engines by purchasing an SEO expert and having them blast links to your site in a certain way.

So, what does this mean? It means people on the front page of highly competitive words are most likely not there on their own, A.K.A people naturally linking to them because they are just that awesome. You know, like this site ;). But there are some legitimate stock traders whose sites are at the top of certain keywords because they are for real! Believe it or not there is a 1% in the stock world and they’re really here to help you learn how to trade! Who are these people through? Well I know for a fact there are more then the ones I currently roll with and until I run into more they are a shadow in my mind until then. But hold on a second, I’ll get to them!

What Pennystock Newsletter Should I TrustThe next time you search for a newsletter look at it again and reexamine what you really think about them. Unless you are signing up for their newsletter so that you can use their information against them, (which is a great strategy once you learn it) then stay away from them when it comes to education. Because this list of fakers is just a fraction of a percentage of scammers out there.


Investor Stock Alert
Stock Commander
OTC Rockstar
Todays Stock Tip
Stock Mister
Penny Pick Alerts
Penny Picks
OT Picks
Vip Stock Report
Penny Stock Rumble
etc… etc…

Under Review:

Falcon Stocks
note: Falcon Stocks is most likely a legit company. At this point, the maturity level is now in question. For more information read the comments below and make up your own decision.

So I’ve given you an idea who you should stay away from. Who should you reach towards when you searching for people who can legitimately can help you improve your trading skills? Well I’ll give you a list of the people I currently trust and you can decide if they are for you! If not, it’s not the end of the world! There is a trading style for everyone and just because they do not resonate with you (even though I believe they will) doesn’t mean there is not a Trustworthy Pennystock Guru somewhere that will!

My current list of people I trust in the education sector of Pennystocking (stocks in general) are:

The Truth Shall Set You Free Pennystock NewsletterJUST AHEAD THE TRUTH!

Timothy Sykes
Tom McCarthy
Nathan Michaud
Mark Croock
Steve Nison (more so just education)
Cameron Fous
Jeff Williams (coming soon)

Okay maybe not the best picture for the bunch, but it’s funny! But you now whats not funny? Getting fucked in the stock market because you listened to some scamming ass piece of $*#&! Be sure you learn from the best willing to teach, and I believe these people have what it takes to take you where you want to go!

These individuals I believe are trustworthy to anyone looking for positive results!! If you believe it or not it’s super important to know who to listen to (in any business setting!). So I invite you take a look at all these top notch traders and see what they are all about, because I can only show and tell you what I know, it is you who has to check these people out and examine how they work for you! I wish you the best, because in the end, you must trust yourself!

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-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk