Long Term Trading Penny Stock Mentor and Education

Long Term Trading Education for Penny Stocks
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

Long Term Penny Stock Trading and Mentor Eduction DVDs and NewslettersI’ve had some time on my hands lately so I’ve been doing some investigative research based on penny stock guru’s and educators. There are so many people that you could listen to when it comes to penny stocking in general, some are very truthful but the most of these penny stock mentors are not what they seem. Want proof? Read about my investigation about Penny Stock Egghead. Go ahead and discover for yourself how important it is to learn who to trust in this industry of lies and deceit.

Lately I’ve gone through many different penny stock type blogs and I’ve discovered some amazing trends on almost each and every single one of these newsletter websites. The sites and newsletters I’ve been researching have been a tedious task to get through. I’ve spoken with members of some of these sites as well as regular visitors and truly sat and discussed why they think they are amazing in their own way… Findings? Like I said, a general theme occurred.

Sites researched:

  • Stock Mister
  • Penny Stock Prime
  • Epic Stock Picks
  • Stock Guru
  • Hot Stock Profits
  • Leading Stock Alerts
  • Stock Commander
  • Stock Gumshoe
  • Penny Stock Rumble
  • OTC Dynamics
  • Guru Focus
  • Stock Guru Canada
  • Penny Sleuth
  • Penny Stock Locks
  • Pennystock Egghead (read more about it)

There are a few more that I’ve looked over but this is just a general overview. So what is the main theme of most of these sites?



…Hey why not… It works!

Well let me put this in a different way which I’ve discussed on this site many times. The penny stock market is absolutely blowing up with new comer traders looking for gold and because of this a snake pit naturally occurs to catch all those unwilling to do a little research on their own into their fly trap.

That’s the problem but what is the solution?



Because the market is ever changing and because of that you will always need to be a two steps ahead of the crowd. Now it’s not like it’s rocket science, it’s actually easier then you’ll ever imagine! But most people are not willing to put forth the effort to learn a new skill. If the market was created in such a way that people could continually profit off of the market then everyone would be making 6, 7 and perhaps even 8 figure a year. But lets get realistic, you and I KNOW that doesn’t happen.

Education and understanding of the market is your best chance at becoming that 6, 7 and 8 figure trader every year. But don’t expect even that in your first month or two. Your first month or two should be focused on penny stock market education. With that I still recommend Timothy Sykes, but I recently found a free over view of penny stock markets and … well hey, it couldn’t hurt checking out.

You can find the free training here.

But for those who want to be serious about how to trade then I suggest checking out Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Silver Newsletter. But for those that do not have time during the trading day to start trading I highly suggest his long term trading newsletter for penny stocks. In fact this is how I’m currently learning how to trade as I hate getting up in the morning to run with the bulls … or bears.

With that I again plead to you new comers to understand what the penny stock game is trying to do to you. You can watch a quick clip about it here. As funny or gruesome that clip is to you, it’s in a way very similar to how things work in the market. (obviously without the headless Giraffe)

Become proactive and in charge of your trading career today.

You can get free training here. But I highly suggest those who want to learn how to trade to check out the Silver Newsletter subscription.

You’ll receive the follow:

  • Top Penny Stock Picks for the Day
  • Over 1500+ Penny Stock Training Videos (and growing)
  • Confidence over the market
  • Techniques only market gurus know about
  • and last but not least… HOW TO FIND YOUR OWN PICKS AND PLAY THEM!

For those without time to trade during the day, here is your saving grace:

Timothy Sykes Long Term Trading Newsletter.

Make a choice to become more then a generalized loss statistic and become proactive in your future by becoming a guru yourself! Nothing is more powerful then that and if you can not dedicate a month or two to learning the basics… Do me a favor and get the hell out of trading and go back to your day job and stay there until it hurts enough for you to actually give a shit about your future!

Get educated today, click here.

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk