Cheapest Online Stock Trading Technique

What are the Cheapest Online Stock Trading Techniques for Penny StocksPlaying Penny Stocks? Are You Gambling or Investing?

By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

Are penny stocks really the cheapest online stock for trading? Because many feel as if they are extremely expensive because you lose all the time and they are so speculative in nature.

Well I’m not totally on board with this and let me tell you why!

I will not refute that people lose their asses big time on these “cheapest online stock trading” techniques!


Mostly because these people are manipulated into buying a “promoted” stock that raises way to fast and can’t hold a fair balance between what the SEC filings are tell you and what the company is valued at. To describe this with the best ease, I suggest you watch this short clip. It shows you what the untrained penny stock investor goes through once they purchase a stock promoted by a newsletter or a “friend” or “family member”.

The Cheapest Online Stock Trading Technique are and Always Will Be Penny Stocks!

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What you saw there is not infrequent either, this happens OFTEN in the penny stock world. People come in with greed and recklessness. Playing the odds like a casino game, dancing from win to loss, win to loss… until, they look up and realize that all of their savings that they put into investing has been wasted!

Don’t let this be you!!

Do you have a game plan? Do you know what you want out of this game? Are you willing to put forth some effort to truly understand this game? Because if not, let me save you a lot of time and effort wasted, and quit now! Go do something else, this career can be very intimidating to a lot of people because they have no idea what they are doing.

But what’s funny is many will spend thousands of dollars trying to learn it on their own, thinking training programs are not worth it! … Let me tell you from my experience and from all the stories I’ve heard. THAT is the most expensive way to learn, and many times gets you to lose interest and even become afraid to trade penny stocks (<- click to read my article regarding fear and trading).

If you are not willing to put forth a little money to invest into yourself so you invest correctly, you’re playing with fire and you will get burned! This is the difference between those who know the game and those who gamble it! For example my penny stock teacher is Timothy Sykes.

You can view his video here:

For years I wanted to get into investing and I finally ran into his first DVDs he made called Pennystocking 101 and Pennystocking Part Duex which you can read about by clicking the links. I found that Penny stocks trading is the cheapest online stock trading technique besides super micro-caps which deal in the tenths of cents… which I strongly suggest you stay away from.

Cheapest Online Stock Trading - with Timothy SykesI found that it really is all smoke and mirrors, and you can simply remove these distractions by knowing a few charting patterns and how to read an SEC filing (read all about it). But there is NO reason at all anyone should be scammed out of their money while playing penny stocks in the long run, because the Timothy Sykes method works! My first couple months of trading I held a %83.33 win rate, and actually it was more like %90ish because of some software errors that caused unintended buying and selling of stocks. Which you can read here.

So if you are serious about trading penny stocks. Don’t screw around get a mentor that is for real and is truly here to assist you!

Click here to Learn Timothy Sykes Secret Tactics of Penny Stock Trading

Good Luck,

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

PS: The reason you want to look into the cheapest online stock trading methods of Timothy Sykes is for the pure raw experience and WILL that he has created over the years! He is number one for a reason, why follow anyone else?