KRED Pump n Dump

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So once in awhile after studying for awhile I go looking around to start understanding my pumper e-mails, as well as looking at my twitter feed. I noticed right away when I went to one of my Promo e-mails, I didn’t have much, but I noticed that one promoter was kicking around KRED.

Right when I went to my TD software and typed it in, I saw a wonderfully beautiful pump n dump setup! Check it out.

Stock Ticker KRED Pump n DumpSo being I’m super new to this I went through the rest of what the promoter said on their e-mails..


In a few short weeks we’ve seen KRED climb from our initial alert in the 80’s to over $1.30.

-Yeah I wonder why?

For those of you that are enjoying the profits and are still a KRED shareholder – CONGRATS. We don’t think this is a time of panic

-I would consider this a great time to short… (not at this point but at the break down if you could have called it -maybe on level 2?-) … On intra-day it had some pretty big cracks a day or so before! My big question would be.. since they are sending an e-mail right now after the pit fall… are they trying to pop it back up for another run… or they popping it just to grab up another extra cents before they truly just slam it to the ground?

KonaRed is continuing to release very positive news

Well I guess from my training, I first think… of course they do…Then it goes on to say something about a million dollar financing. I’ve not looked any further into this. But I thought it would be neat to show this pattern off… great example of what I’ve been seeing others show me! Great find to see for myself!

-Griffith Hawk

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