The Penny Stock Egghead (Promoter?) or Timothy Sykes Newsletter?

The Penny Stock Egghead or Timothy Sykes Newsletter?
By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

Pennystock Egghead or Timothy Sykes Dont Get Fucked by The Stock MarketI’ve been poking around as I usually do when it comes to discovering what really works in the trading world and who is out there to truly help you get the education you need to succeed! Especially when it comes to penny stocks!! Most “investors” will always bark about how risky penny stocks are and how you should stay the hell away from them at all costs. Well, there is some wise advise in these words, but more over, it’s not true! It’s true that these penny stocks can spike to unbelievable heights in one day, and that’s why newbies flock to penny stocks! But one thing these people do not know is that, they are designed many times to do just that.

Why is that a problem for the newbie penny stock investor? It’s a problem because of inexperience, lack of education and greed! Penny stock promoters FEED off these people, they make them feel like they are on top of the world and just as they think everything is going to be peachy they cut their Graffias head off! Don’t believe me? Watch this video and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But for those who go the distant and take some time out of their “busy” lives are the one who end up reaping the rewards of such an investment! Why though?

It’s because these people have taken the time to understand the dynamics of how the penny stock market works. Or otherwise called small cap and micro cap stocks! But who can you really trust in this day and age when it comes to really understanding the fundamentals of penny stock trading? Who you listen to in any industry is absolutely vital to your continual existence in any field. So when I took a look at the most popular Penny Stock program on I had to stop for a second and think how I could help you understand the difference between those who can truly help you and those who do not and will not ever give a shit about you!

The Penny Stock Egghead (go ahead and check the link, no affiliate code here + nofollow) is a product program on is a digital product website whose sole purpose is to simply sell, sell, sell. They rarely care what is sold, there are no real standards, it’s really up to the person making the website and product and you’ll never truly know if the avatar picture of the person selling the website is even the real person (unlike Timothy Sykes who is REAL)! That right there raises red flags for me! Being an affiliate marketer full time, I can dissect this website by simply looking at the marketing pictures and keywords located on this page! I will also share with you a bit of information about the back page area designated specifically for affiliates only!

So let me point out one of the first marketing tid bits this guy is using to pull you in!

Retire a multimillionaire starting with $1000
“It’s true — penny stocks can deliver you 1,150% gains on your money… even if you’ve never traded anything in your life!”

I will never truly say it’s wrong to advertise in such ways, but when I end up doing a review to help you understand who you should ultimately listen to, I have to pick apart his methods (and I could do this for his whole page and video but it’s not needed). First off these are all trigger words. It’s cool though you know? They work! That is why they are used! But beyond the promise of money, two parts of the quoted sentence above really catches my eye. 1,150% and “even if you’ve never traded anything in your life!”.

But why? I pick these two small parts of his whole page because

1. They are at the top and

2. They trigger hypnotic buying trances.

The number 1,150 is all odd numbers, this guy could have used any numbers he wanted to indicate what can be made by buying and selling stocks! By using odd numbers in a line like this stands out to the subconscious mind and gets you to focus on the next part. Which is?….. That’s right, you’re going to kick ass at this starting NOW! (aka “even if you’ve never traded anything in your life!”)

So you see I immediately have a problem with this when it comes to trusting him to do so. The next part is that he is going to send you 1 single stock pick a week!? Well, if you really know anything about penny stocks, you would know that this is fucking stupid! Being given one stock pick a week sounds like a promoter to me! If you ever watched what a penny stock can do in a matter of minutes, let alone a week, you would know that this stock pick strategy is sounding more and more fishy!

But what is even more fishy about this “Penny Stock Egghead” is that they give their affiliates %100 of their commission made on the back end. The maximum amount you can usually pay to affiliates is %75. But take a look at this, this is straight from !

“75% of your commission will be paid via your main ClickBank and the remaining 25% to your second ClickBank ID.”

That’s right, this guy doesn’t make a dime on the front end with this newsletter subscription (and its $97 another buying trance number)!  He even claims the following about why he does this!

The reason why we’re willing to give away all the front-end money we make is because the lifetime value of our customers is very high.

We’ll be making money by placing targeted ads in our newsletter after you help bring in the subscribers. We need your help building our audience, so we’ll be paying you handsomely to help us do so.

Also note that they are not paying anything out of pocket here the consumer is! So if this is not a blatant stock promoter who gets high quality leads… By leads I mean suckers. Then I don’t know what else I can do to help you understand this! But one thing I’m going to say is… Stay the hell away if you want to keep your money safe!

Dont Let Pennystock Promoters Fuck You In the Stock Market and Watch Out For Pennystock EggheadOn the other hand I want to draw your attention now to Timothy Sykes’ Newsletter… Specifically his Silver Newsletter. The guy has a track record that he proves on, he supplies you with several picks a day. Because admit it, there are always some stocks in a play while others are not! If you do NOT know that, then I suggest watching Pennystocking by Timothy Sykes. The one thing I learned most when I was in the Global Information Network mingling with Multimillionaire is that, the who do you listen to principle is very, very, VERY important to understand!

How it works is like this:

When you are looking to first start trading penny stocks who do you want to listen to (or anything Real Estate, Website Building etc)?. You want to find someone who has been where you are, and is where you want to be! Pretty simple right? Well kind of, but in terms of penny stocking, Timothy Sykes really pulls out his guns and helps you understand, that he has been where you are now and is where you want to be. He did not start with a millionaire dollars in his account, in fact, he started with around $10,000. This money was from his Bar Mitzvah!

But you should also know that he has proof that he has actually trained several of his students to become multimillionaires as well. Click here to read more about that. You can read his book “An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Fund Operator” (you can read it for free click the link) and see truly where he came from and how you can relate with him now!

But over all, I would suggest learning from Timothy Sykes over this Egghead dude, mostly because he will teach you how to find your own stocks to trade so that you do not always have to be attached to his hip to make money with penny stocks. I certainly do not see Mr. Egghead doing that, and if he does, I’m sure he will never be able to match the in depth training that Sykes can provide you. So don’t waste your money being sold to by promoters, learn from Timothy Sykes and understand how these people are thinking. Because what they are thinking, is how to trick you into hold their stocks as they pull out everything they have.

You’ll burn every time if you decide to hold on to a penny stock being pumped! Don’t be a fool, check out Timothy Sykes first and truly learn to “fish” the waters of the penny stock market!

Learn to be a bad ass and grow your roots so deep you touch the sky!

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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