$YOD Broke Out But My Software Just Broke….

$YOD Broke Out But My Software Just Broke….

….yeah….. That’s how I felt!

So today I incurred my first loss… which funny enough to say… was actually a gain when I wanted to sell! I got in around 3.61-3.64 or so … it immediately dropped from sellers getting out from the pre-market explosion! Then ramped on up to about 3.80 before falling back down… I had a goal to simply play a .15 cent gain which seemed to be a good number considering that’s where it fell at!

But once it got to around 3.75 I wanted the hell out! I put in my orders and it kept telling me I didn’t own any stock then it froze. So I flipped out knowing a crash was coming from my retracement lines and how level 2 was acting… So I got a bit pissed off… went flying to the actual site and sold their. I came back to the program and it was no longer frozen… but it decided for the hell of it, it would throw me back into a diving stock for another 200 shares losing me another $20 petty dollars…

So I guess this a weird way and possibly a very affordable way to understand a key rule… Don’t fucking leave yourself open with just one way to get out of a stock… I think I’ll be leaving my self log-in on TD actual site just in case… But I’m getting a little pissed at how slow the time in’s on this software is.. The website got me out immediately without playing a stupid game with me. So I don’t know, I may be checking out another broker here very shortly!

-Griffith Hawk

PS: I was able to buy a small break out and make back some cash… mostly doing it to learn the ropes… not truly to chase down the stock to give my money back… although it’s always a plus to make some back. I believe I did a very good job limiting my disappointment in losing because of BS reasons and turning in to something funny… I think it’s very important to be serious… but not that serious! Or like Kevin Trudeau would say… “Care… But not that much!”. This stock is amazing today busted over into the 5’s!! Should be interesting to see how this one closes!

Me When My Trading Software Fucks Up