Stock Trading for Dummies

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The Power of Your Super Mind
In the Stock Market

Steps on How to Apply it to Stock Trading and to the Rest of Your Life!
Discover the ONLY Stock Trading for Dummies HOW TO:

By: Griffith “the Trader” Hawk


It’s not a secret that when it comes to getting the best out of life, you need to get the hell out of your own way! – Griffith

Stock Trading for Dummies and the Power of Your Super Mind Using Timothy Sykes

There was never a class in High School that told you how to let go of
NEEDING and WANTING so badly that you actually just shot your self in the foot just to end up sabotaging your efforts!

Hey… I admit it, I’m %100 guilty!

As you read this, you’ll discover that there are a few steps in regard to “stock trading for dummies”. But you may find a lot of this knowledge can be applied to whatever you wish in life… and damn it! You should!

Because you deserve what you want and I truly want that for you!

But why would I care?

I’ll get to that in the steps below shortly, and the answer will surprise you!

So prepare yourself, here are the

3 Breakthrough Steps for Stock Trading for Dummies and the Power of Your Super Mind

But first, let me give you the first thing that you need to do before you even think about applying these secret methods of stock trading for dummies!

You must have a competent, fair and understanding stock trading teacher who can assist you in understanding the market so that you can become competent and self-reliant.

It’s important to know who to listen to and why!
Read More About
The Best Stocks to Buy and Who to Listen to Here

There are Strategies, Tactics and Secrets that one can only pick up from seasoned stock market veterans. If there is one thing I can say to those looking for stock trading for dummies, this is the greatest tip I can give you, and the best stock trading for dummies teacher I’ve discovered thus far is Timothy Sykes.

Why Timothy Sykes? Well if you read the article linked above you’d know that he is legitimately someone you can listen to! He has what you want and he’s been in similar circumstances as everyone starting out in the market!

You don’t realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you’re going to feel excited to know that there ARE people who are trust worthy and fair when it comes to understanding the stock market!

Don’t believe me! See for yourself!

Learn more about Timothy Sykes HERE!

Imagine what it would be like if you could master the stock market and know exactly what to look for to take advantage of hype and harness the power of the natural manipulation that occurs on the market!

See yourself being able to find these stocks and re-acting with precision and ease
and pulling the profit trigger over and over again!

This is the main point for stock trading for dummies!

A Great teacher like Timothy Sykes

It’s made the difference between night and day with my trading account!

I have a win ratio of %80 and over %90 current with paper trading.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve not traded thousands of stocks or anything. But for just
legitimately starting out early this year…

I’d say that’s a lot better then the
regular statistics of a %90 losing ratio when beginning… right?

So when I say the difference between night and day!

I’m not kidding!

Now you have full control over to take this advice and work with someone who has your best interests in mind or you can follow the beaten path that most people follow when they enter the market!

That road leads to people who quit or end up coming back to trainers like Timothy Sykes!

Not like you, you are now seeing that education is legitimately the only thing that can help you, your learning curve AND give you the confidence to continue your profitable trading career into the future.

Because trust me, it’s cheaper to pay for the training now then later down the road!

So enough of that.

Choose to listen to someone who has what you want and has been where you are now … That’s truthful and fair. Or decide against it and possibly run into frauds like the Pennystock Egghead Scam (<- which you can read).

So finally here are the…

3 Breakthrough Steps for Stock Trading for Dummies
and the Power of Your Super Mind

Step 1:

To create a super mind that will attract wealth is as simple as relaxing and stop forcing things to occur. There are many spiritual and self-help teachers around the world saying the exact same thing, over and over again.

Like beating a drum!

They do this because it’s absolutely important to get out of your own way.

Your subconscious is smarter, quicker and overall just a super hero over your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind has the job to choose what you want which is your guiding light!

Then your job to step back and allow it to happen!

Step 2:

Be grateful, appreciative and supportive of yourself and others!


Well if you have over looked it, the majority of all religious text, spiritual teachers as well as self help guru’s like Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins who wrote “Awaken the Giant Within”) to Brendon Burchard (the guy who wrote “The Charge”) constantly are reinforcing this mind technology!

But why does this assist you?

Why would being grateful and appreciative of everything in your reality be a turning point in wealth creation? But more importantly WHY would being grateful and appreciative that OTHERS have what you want and are profiting, succeeding and overall experiencing a wonderful life, when you could say that yours… may just not be up to par with your own standards?

Many people struggle with this… I admit that I did when I first applied this technology!

But the reason this is so important is that there is a part of the brain that knows not time nor the difference between it’s self and others. So when you hear the saying:

“It’s better to give then receive”

There is a huge FACT behind this saying…

But hey don’t get me wrong!

I’m a fan of receiving as well, but that is also an art that you must master!
You must also be able to receive!

So by appreciating others success and cheering them on, you are telling your mind that you are okay with wealth and success, because you are okay when others succeed and that their success does not impede on yours.

When you resist and condemn others for having what they have, you also condemn yourself!

This teaching can go so much deeper, but just think about it.

Anything you do to others, you do unto yourself!

Step 3:

Dream BIG! It pays better!

You may not have done this for quiet awhile or perhaps you have or have not, it doesn’t matter!

But building a dream board of items, houses, cars and anything else you want will help your subconscious mind go out and get it for you! (Don’t know what a dream board is? Click Here)

It’s important to note!!

If you add something on the board you feel you can not get nor even have a chance of receiving, leave it off for now.

Once you’ve begun to attract the things on your board that are smaller you can move on up as your belief grows.

Many people and maybe even yourself believe this is a nice little project but it just doesn’t seem like it could work.

Perhaps you ask yourself… How can I get the money to get all this stuff?

The answer:

You stop asking “HOW” and start feeling like you have it “NOW”.

Visualize yourself driving the car and feeling what you would feel like or

living in the house and feeling what it would feel like or

what that ring would make you feel like on your finger.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

When you FEEL what these items can do for you and believe in those couple seconds of visualizing that you WERE there, then

the subconscious mind will conspire to attract yourself to the right circumstance to bring it to you. Which is the reason why you are even on this page!

You don’t know it, but you’ve been requesting help from your subconscious to find you what you are looking to receive, so take that information seriously now that you are here reading this!

But HOW do these things come about to manifest??

Many times your human belief patterns are based on that you need money to achieve these things you want in life!


The Power of Your Super Mind and Stock Trading for Dummies How to Succeed in the MarketYour Wish Is Your Command!

Stock trading can be your vehicle if you so chose to reach the goals you have set for yourself!

Just remember the right mindset and the correct mentor is what you need to truly succeed today and continue to evolve to the ever changing market trends.

Remember, your subconscious will work to bring all those things to you as long as you tell it what you wan and get the hell out of the way! (AKA… Stop thinking about the HOW!)

By using the steps in this simple stock trading for dummies article, you can NOW bring what ever you wish into your reality.

Just imagine minutes from now what you will be learning…

To Get Started Learning the Secret Time Tested Strategies
of Timothy Sykes Click Here

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk


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