Psychology of Learning to Trade … Thus far

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Psychology of Learning to Trade

Psychology of Learning to Trading Get A Goal For Life

So again here I am kind of procrastinating.. I have soooo much to watch and go through still! God damn! I know it never really ends, but I’m one of those freak’n psychos who end up jamming as much shit into the shortest amount of time. Hey don’t get me wrong though, I’m a professional at doing this! Trust me!

Ever since High School … which I hated and actually got expelled from, I was in a group … we’ll just call it a “secret society” … although it was available to the public. Anyway. They offered up some very very compelling information about historical events of the past… You know. The kind with actual facts and science and research.. you know shit like that! Anyway I was exposed to people like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Robert Anton Wilson … then that flooded the gate with people in the Marketing industry like Dr. Joe Vitale, Peter Wink, Steve G Jones… I’ll just stop now… My point?

I’ve snagged up all the esoteric and practical things I possibly could. In fact I can single handedly thank this “secret society” for my love of gathering knowledge and continuing to learn and expand. Difference between many people who walk the path of gathering random knowledge.. I actually do my best to actually use it. Which means I get to actually say if something works or not, because I truly give it my best at my current level and means!

Great thing about trading is that bitcoin gave me my break! “Thank you bitcoin!”…

So I can actually move this money and learn from it. I feel it’s like my college tuition! Yes it could possibly be lost… Doubtful, but always possible. Doubtful because I’m actually taking the time and focus to learn what to do and more importantly what NOT to do… obviously if I know what not to do I’m pretty free to create a higher winning ratio then the average bear in the street of wall!

So what is my run down still of all this information and to get to the fucking point?

Okay… let’s break it down into points

1. Fuck! It doesn’t end

2. That’s okay

3. Are we there yet?

4. No…

5. Are we there yet?

6. No…

7. Another chart pattern

8. Another chart pattern

9. Another chart pattern

10. Don’t fucking do this

11. Do that

12. When it does this

13. Do that

14. Is it Friday

15. Is this a pump?

16. Where’s support?

17. Where’s resistance?

18. Don’t short on highs

19. Don’t short on lows

20. Who is your fucking broker!

21. Get a better one!

So as you can see… my psychology of learning the ropes is pretty simple to define… I’m going fucking crazy with what to do with all this information! It’s like taking a dog and feeding it rage pills and whacking the cage with a stick just to piss it off! I want to jump on to the dance floor and use this… but what I’m doing is completely what I should be doing. Watching during the day, paper trading if you will, watching patterns, looking at news and scanning SEC filings. I want to be that person who can learn to trade like a retired super trader, I really believe Timothy Sykes is right when he says it’s best to play it like that!

Now will I? No at least not at first, to be a true retired trader I will have at least had to trade a little while, fuck up a bit and move on to fully learn how markets can re-act to situations at hand! It’s easy to dream of the big wins of course and I will always enjoy feeling what it might be like to score such a price… but my studies in life have told me and many millionaire mentors have told me that the big win is not the end and that feeling will fade (I’ll be sure to fully enjoy it though). So what is it truly that I want out of trading, because as much as I can that I will take to it like I do all my endevours I want something more then just trading…

But I won’t go there! I have honorable goals and I want a lavish rich lifestyle as well to travel and have another stream of income that I could have any time I wish! My psychology to trading is that I’m going crazy. but my true goals I’m doing this for actually keep me sane enough to keep going! So you better have a fucking reason to want to do this or you should prolly get the fuck out now! Just a fair warning. It’s not for the faint of heart… and that’s just for the learning curve!

So in the end, building nerves of steel to keep pressing forward with my goals is another reward for having to go through such an excruciating setup just to learn! Know where the hell you are going!

Point made… you don’t know. Go do something else. But chances are you’ll fail there! Just start dabbling around with higher goals then “money”… because you better know what the hell you want or your mind will never create a path for you to get there!

-Griffith Hawk

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3 thoughts on “Psychology of Learning to Trade … Thus far
  1. Very nice article and so true about learning how to trade. There is so much out there and It has been a challenge for me as well. The best part, I really enjoy doing it, which is what really matters. Don’t know much about Tim, but I’m looking forward to learn and trade with Fous.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve been busy with some other websites and bitcoin for the last couple months so my studies have cut in half until I can get them a little bit more automatic. I’m looking forward going through Fous dvds (1 & 2). You have a great blog, thanks for sharing.

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