Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself

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Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself
+ how to fight effectively against it to WIN!

Psychological Trading Warfare Against Yourself and How To Beat It

As you may or may not know my end game for my life is to create a retreat center for psychological, physical and economic well being. It’s legal name is called Health & Economics of America. It’s been my torch and my reason to continue to push forward to learn different ways to create income, health and well-being in myself… So that I can turn around and teach others. I’ve been really gifted to have been mentored by millionaires… continually. The learning really never stops. Day in and out. It’s actually pretty tough! Discipline really is needed for those who wish to attain higher ground – to move to those higher heights!

Samael is the most positive esoteric metal band I know besides Scar Symmetry .. Listen!

So why does that matter in a post about Psychological Trading Warfare against yourself? Well… it has a lot to do with what I’ve learn from these millionaires and the energetic cleansing and healing that I’ve dabbled and practiced with… from certified practitioners to practicing, learning and using these methods on myself. So what do these energetic cleansing do? In short when you are a in stock and your psyche is starting to get the best of you and say your in a stock and it’s bouncing in and out and moving all over the place, many people will start to get the trading jitters… I get them but I know how to control them so they don’t take me over and scare me out of a trade!

Just today my software fried out and a winning stock quickly turned into a losing one! As it was frying out I was using a method called EFT or more appropriately I was using a more simple method called QEC … I used this technique to remain calm and quickly log on to the main TDAmeritrade website to do a trade on their site – it allowed me to quickly stop flipping out, thinking reasonably and act accordingly to minimize possible damages!

But what is EFT and QEC? Well EFT is a well known healing technique that is base off of acupuncture … but it’s done without needles! You can watch the video below to get an understanding of EFT and see how it’s done below..

QEC is “Quantum Emotional Clearing” and is somewhat similar but has many different sectors in it… The one I’m most interested in is it’s simplification of EFT. But first here’s a brief explanation of QEC:

Tapping was originally developed by Gary Craig, who calls it Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  EFT “is an emotional, needle-free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues.  It often works where nothing else will.”

Aspen Bio-Energetic Medicine Practitioner Lee Beymer has modified the process into Quantum Emotional Clearing or QEC.  While similar to EFT in its use of meridian tapping, “QECTM is a form of Energy Therapy that accelerates one’s growth by releasing stuck energetic patterns.  This instant therapy sidesteps the ‘talk it out approach,’ rapidly helping people to clear negative emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, worry, addiction, and self-sabotage.”

QEC Day Trading Clearing TechniqueI’ve been able to sit with Lee Beymer a few times and go through many different clearing methods with him, which we’re nothing short of amazing! As you can see from this brief explanation how powerful using this technology for yourself can be while trading (or anything).

So simply use this technique whilst you’re in a trade and feeling the jitters … or even when you’ve lost a trade and you’re desperately chasing a stock trying earn back some lost money! First off… Don’t do that unless a pattern shows itself, and if you keep going in and losing… You need to stop. But a lot of the time we do these stupid things and break rules we know we shouldn’t because of fear, anxiety and loss! These techniques will help relieve these “dumbass” symptoms and return you to a more center position where you can think clearer and decide on facts of the pattern other then your monkey brain flipping out.

As you can see above in the picture all you will be doing is tapping on your third eye area… But instead of just one finger you will be tapping with your first three fingers… not hard but not too soft. Feel it, but don’t hurt yourself. I tap at a semi-fast rate when I start to have the jitters whilst in a trade and it quickly pulls me back to my rational brain so that I can focus on the task at hand! I can almost assure about anyone who tries this while in a trade and having trouble maintaining themselves, this will help. I know how intense it can be, being in a trade even if it’s a stupid low cost trade!

It’s intense, it’s a rush and that rush can really fuck shit up, if you let it! The warfare and many problems I can foresee on newbie traders like myself is truly this rush. It’s scary putting so much on the line, when it’s taken so long to build it up just to “possibly” see it drop like a rock! So I’ll give you one more point that can help with this “feeling”. When you tap you can also say to yourself or better yet feel the excitement of a win instead of the rush of a possible loss. This could help you start attracting better situations but even if it doesn’t it starts reprogramming your mind on the goal!

THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

So be sure to drop this one in your tool box and USE IT! Even if your wife, brother, sister, dad or mother.. or your great grand father is in the room. Use it! It only works if you use it… even if you look like a dipshit! Just use it when your flipping out! And better yet, knowing full well how intense learning to trade can be, you can use this to also help you stay focused through your learning curve so that you do not just drop this like a bag of shit… you know like everything else you’ve “tried” in your life?

This shit works, and trading working. Specially when learning from individuals like Timothy Sykes who has a record of performance that can be tracked. He’s the real deal and you can learn from him too! It’s easy to drop a bomb shell on your account and lose %25 to %75 (or all of your account (Or fuck… have to owe money)) in a single trade!

It’s not much to ask for you to man up and pay up so you can .. first off actually get something for your hard earned money and second help you not lose the money you still have or the money you’ll make to try out trading for the first time… or jump back into it again.

But better yet… I should have said help you MAKE MONEY!!!

So don’t be a fool… Psychological Trading Warfare is mostly versus yourself not so much the stock market… The patterns are there… the trades are there and they are not going any where… You on the other hand… You could be leaving as quickly as you came in, so have some balls, this is not an easy road. But the rewards are there for the taking if you can take the time to learn what you need and use simple to use techniques like QEC and EFT to help you steer clear of bullshit negative thinking and the jitters..

-Griffith “the Trader” Hawk

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