Pennystocking + Pennystocking Part Deux Review

Pennystocking + Pennystocking Part Deux Review

Buy Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Part 1 ReviewI just finished going through Timothy Sykes’ Pennystocking and Pennystocking Part Deux trading educational DVD’s…. This is most likely my 3rd time going through Part Deux and like my 5th time going through Pennystocking (part 1). Part 1 first got me super interested in day trading (mostly just penny stocks) when my friends father purchased the DVDs then let them sit in their box and rot after he watched the first DVD (meaning.. Just the first DVD out of 4)… I guess he got a pretty big package because he got several other DVDs from him as well… which I’ll go through when I finish them through again.

The last time I went through Tim’s DVDs was a year or so ago and I had just got the SEC filings from a friend. It was a digital copy, so most likely it was from a torrent! Sorry Tim…. I couldn’t resist… but then again at that point I hadn’t given one red cent to Tim… But it should be noted that people that jack shit from torrents are more likely to actually pay for stuff later down the road any way… Which is actually what I’ve done! I’ve purchased Learn Level 2, Timdicators, Fous4x2, Textbook Trading as well as my Silver Subscription (annual subscription). And most likely will pay out the $5,500 or whatever dollars to become a challenge student as well…

So don’t feel bad Timmy ol’ boy… you got me sucked in. Mostly because you prove that you do what you actually teach and you also proven that you’ve made real money in the industry! Thanks for doing that, my other millionaire mentors have gone through time and time again how absolutely important it is to judge and research your “guru’s” if you will… thoroughly! Lots of people make money selling information they never use! This is the difference between Tim and many other “traders” with educational products… He’s making money, his subscribers are making money… and although I’m new and I’ve been paper trading … even I am “making” money with these tactics!

Buy Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Part Deux ReviewSo why did I enjoy these DVDs? I enjoyed them because.. first off I can control them better… I understand for the newage streaming video stuff… but like I wrote in the Timdicator review… that loading shit… really pissed me off and wasted lots of time! So I got through these super fast and it was enjoyable. It moved quickly through patterns… bashing my brain with a new break out or break down patterns and a tid bit about why they we’re moving and what to look for… I mean it’s really coming to repetition with seeing the charts! It’s very important (that I’m noticing) to look at a chart and know if it’s in play or possibly could be in play very soon!

This is exactly what these DVDs teach, to recognize patterns and how to play them when they show up! And like Tim has said, if you’re not willing to put some cash down on the table to learn these patterns before you show up to “work” (trade) the first day… you might as well shoot yourself in the foot now… because if you are a dumbass who thinks they can walk up to the plate in pennystocks and know what you are doing… OMG you’re so screwed!

But it’s so easy to notice subtleties in these charts that mean the difference between getting raped and making bank! If you are a new student to penny stocking… I’d recommend you read/watch my post on buying into hype and pump n dumps … and god forbid you do it with leverage or other peoples money! Click here to check it out… you should get the point… Flying high for awhile is great.. but if you don’t know there’s a ledge coming.. look out brother!

So let me end this.. Why should you get these DVDs? Because if you’re a trader already or a new trader there is lots of information to go through that perhaps you (mr, big shot trader) may have over looked and a simple one trade opportunity could bring back 10 times as much into your pocket and continue to do so for the rest of your trading career… If you are new… Don’t be an idiot… By not looking into purchasing these DVDs (Pennystocking 1 & Pennystocking Part Deux) – it’s like going to the race track and picking a horse and even going as far as not even looking at it’s past track history! That is exactly what you’re doing if you don’t get your little pool flotations on your arms before jumping in..

Trust me as a fellow newb trader… this stuff works, I would have never even thought about jumping into the trading market in pretty much any case before learning about these rules… Since I learn them, I now feel comfortable and excited to continue playing (mostly paper atm) the penny stock game. And I think if you have a strong enough dreams and a reason to be successful in trading pennystocks.. I personally see no reason at all why you can’t be successful and enjoy it the whole while knowing you can continue to create income day in and out with very little margin for error once you get the hang of it!

So get to it… purchase Pennystocking Part 1 and Pennystocking Part Deux today and get them pool flotations strapped on!

-Griffith Hawk

PS: Tim if you ever read this! Get the fuck off Redbull man! You’re not stupid so don’t act like it.. the shit you we’re drinking has aspartame in it which is a neurotoxin as well as some goodies back from the Vietnam war… yeah good shit! You do great research for your trades do the same thing with the shit that matters… the stuff you’re consuming! I know it was several years ago, so maybe you found out through out the time… but if you haven’t I’m coming for you damn it! I don’t have time to hunt you down just to give you a good bitch out… seriously get off that shit… do it! do it!…. do it!

4 thoughts on “Pennystocking + Pennystocking Part Deux Review
  1. PS part deux is my favorite as well! You’re totally right about the redbull too! Ever since I read the harmful affects of aspartame, I quit drinking diet coke and redbull. Awesome post!

    • Right on good for you Jose/Sam! Thanks for the comment! I’m kind of stuck in the middle deciding what is next… I really need to go through the SEC filings DVD again… but holy shit that stuff is brutal to get through! Super important, but brutal! I’m thinking maybe Timraw.. But now when I think about it.. I need to do a review on Shortstocking later today or tomorrow! … so much to do in terms of education in this niche!

      • No problem, I’m a trading challenge so I own all of the DVDs and they are all worth every penny. I have so many things on my mind and to-do list, it’s crazy! Got so many pump and dumps to watch today but my main 3 would be IMTC, VEND, GFOX. All of those should be great shorts when promoters pull the rug and dump. Maybe sometime in the future you could do a post on how to use WordPress so I could setup my own website! All the luck in the world to you Griffith, Cheers!

        • Right on good for you, looking to do the same after I’ve at least plowed through the DVDs again… what’s your username? – If I get some time I’ll create a simple run down for you.. that is if I get a moment to do it! It’s pretty easy, if you go through I can get you setup really easy.. it’s gotten even easier since I got started with online marketing! (if you do decide to just jump in let me know first I can get you an epic discount since you’d be a new user!)

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