Pan Out With $MONK Investigation

Pan Out With $MONK Investigation

So early yesterday I did a bit of digging around in the gold stock $MONK. You can see my findings by clicking here! Here is how the chart came out:

MONK Day After InvestigationSo as we can see I called the gap up, but I was way off on the possible spike. Mostly doesn’t surprise me at all! Actually after I posted it and looked a little bit further into it, I thought about coming in to change the investigation and possible out come. I thought it wouldn’t really bounce past .15 cents… as you can see it skimmed up from .11 cents up to .13 – later in the day it tried it’s highs again and did break out for a half a cent gain up to .135…

Now sure it’s not super big, but it was a break out call that would shoot up about %16 or so. The volume is some what high in the morning… I’d say you could grab 17,000 shares or so. The average volume for the past three months was like 176,000 then up to 1,700,000! So liquidity is there! But what kind of profits could come from such a jump?

I guess we can look at it… I’m a bit interested since I never set a paper trade size before passing out.

So lets go to 15,000 shares that would be like $1650 invested. %16 on that would come out to a $1950! So like a $300 profit right in the morning… I guess that’s not too bad… Specially if this was held over the weekend… But I don’t feel comfortable yet or trust myself to do such things as of this moment! So I guess I called another possible profitable trade. So as of this moment I’m 2/2 – not impressive really but not bad either! Thanks Timothy Sykes for your awesome information. Even though it’s consuming all time of the day into videos.. and it drives me up the fucking wall – as you can read here…. Although I see that it will be worth it to learn a new revenue stream skill set in less then a quarter (3 months) … plus I’m already locked into the roller coaster so I’m obviously seeing this thing out and going to make it work! So it’s pretty exciting!

Here is the several day play out graphic:
Play out of stock ticker MONK and my prediction

-Griffith Hawk