Looking to Buy Timdicators? Pennystocking and Trading Madness

Looking to Buy Timdicators? Pennystocking and Trading Madness

buy timdicatorsI just finished watching 10 hours of Timdicators. So what do I think of it? …. Well I think it’s fucking amazing. But at the same time brutal as hell to get through.. Seriously. I’d say you’d be better actually going. It was not so much the information that was brutal (although there we’re some parts I was really starting to fall asleep too), but it was mostly his camera guy. Shit was out of focus, or he would zoom in on the guys face talking when I want to see the stock being spoken about… Or better yet, was so totally confused on what he was suppose to be zooming in on.

The room was super dark because of the auto correct in the camera. It seems that perhaps he was someone who gets hired to film other seminars, and that is the kind of stuff they expect in a camera guy… So you know, it’s not totally his bad, but I’d say that Tim and the crew should train their guys a bit better to recognize where the camera should be. I don’t really need to see their faces the WHOLE time. Also, I understand the point of streaming, you limit torrent downloads and people stealing and trading information. Really boo hue! I say that because the bandwidth speed for watching it was shit! Out of the 10+ hours or so I prolly had to wait an extra hour or two and in the end of things it possibly assisted in me dicking around for another 4 – 5 hours. I would have completed this training within a couple days but I couldn’t keep myself motivated to wait a couple minutes every 5 minutes of video.

I felt like I was watching Fox when they release a new movie or something, commercials every other damn minute! Other then that, amazing, amazing, amazing! I got lot of new references and information I’d prolly never really be exposed too if I would not have had purchased this seminar on DVD. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m talking shit in the beginning to get it out of the way, I really do appreciate the many guest speakers giving me (and you 😉 ) a run down of how their niche plays out and how they’ve created their income.

Being someone who is new (like me), this helps a lot in terms of directing me towards styles I wish to try and ultimately master. I never knew much about Superman (an epic trader! Made something like $420,000 going long on SPEX) , but wow, being that I’m going to be residing in Japan, I think I could handle hes trading style much more effectively then I could say Tims – which is holding for days to up to 45 days. So it gives me a great area to jump into after I’ve discovered more about how I use Tim’s style while I’m still in Colorado.

This DVD has gotten me pumped up to want to learn more in the end, and through out the day I get pretty excited about releasing the flood gates and full immersing myself into the game. I still have to pull myself back from jumping in though. Although I feel as of right now I would be better suited to trade then most people in the penny stock world, I don’t like to half ass a good once over with the information I’ve been given.

I still have PennyStocking part Deux, Fundamentals Deux, TimRaw, Level 2, Timtactics, SEC filings, Textbook Trading, Fous 1/2 and around 1200 Silver Subscription Newsletter Videos to go through. Now I won’t be waiting for months to go through the Silver Subscription, I’ll get to those while I trade… I don’t really feel I need to wait another 2-3 weeks to get to it! My goal in all this from what I’ve been hearing, is to become proficient at taking loses quickly, becoming like a “sniper” and let the trades come to me and to aim small and miss small (as Tim Discusses).

It truly seems that this is totally possible, to come from a place with very limited knowledge of the stock market… and I mean LIMITED! Before I picked up any Timothy Sykes info back I believe in 2009 or 2010 I didn’t know squat! Really! Now I can look at a chart and really see where possibilities can pop up… In the end of the day though, if you are an inspiring trader, then what are you willing to give up for it? Are you going to stop going to your bowling club, or watching your favorite shows or giving up golf? I mean what are you absolutely at the end of the rope willing to give up to learn to trade?

I learn this simple technique from a few millionaire mentors that I’ve met with. This will really give you an idea of what your commitment to something truly is! If you are not able to give up watching Sex and the City or something retarded like that, or give up that golf game or going out to drink with friends then how do you truly expect to get any where? I believe I can talk a bit of shit about people I see in chat rooms and comments and even in person, because I’ve been to the seminars, I’ve listened to the audio books and read the books… Then I see the followers, sucking up like big fucking jack asses and agreeing with everything that “master” says… NO!! Fuck that!

In the end I laugh a lot of them, because unless I see faces over and over again, I basically write most people off as “flash in the pans”… then it’s off to a new adventure and to spend a bunch of money just to turn around and quit for something else! I totally respect people that can jump into something new and truly give it the time it needs to really understand and KNOW if this is something for them… but most people give up way too early and that fucking sucks! I think a lot of people, if they took the time, and invested the money and truly gave it the time it needs would be a lot happier and much more wealthy then they are now, if they just stopped jumping around monkeys trying to find that “quick fix”.

Out of everything that I’ve invested in and messed around with (messed around with meaning… I went past the poke it with a stick method)… I’ve never really seen such a plethora of information that can be used immediately to create a true wealth creating income! This comes from a guy whose made decent money in website marketing! Timothy Sykes information I believe is amazing, and you should be grateful that he decided to make a shit load of money selling you his information!

So that’s my rant/sales pitch / review.. I guess? So I’ll see you on profit.ly!

-Griffith Hawk

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