Holy Shit Talking Batman and My Trading Learning Curve

Holy Shit Talking Batman and My Trading Learning Curve

Holy Shit Talking Batman and My Trading Learning Curve:

Stick around and to listen to Scar Symmetry – Illusionist
(a perfect song to call out those people that piss me off in comments)

So… my learning curve seriously started, oh, maybe like 2 1/2 years ago when I first picked up copies of Tim’s DVDs from a friends dad that basically did what most people do with informational products. Watch the first DVD (or none) then give up and throw them under their bed. I luckly was able to “borrow” them and watch them. Back then I barely made maybe $500 – $600 a month. So this was just a bunch of theories and patterns I was getting familiar with, I was not sure if they would work for me. Thusly why I never bothered looking into getting any money to work the system.

But now since I’m financially stable, I felt like the beginning of this year would mark my true base of attack on penny stocking. So here I am right now, going through all his DVDs yet again. Now since I’ve come back he’s come out with several live seminars, I did happen to purchase one of the newest ones Timdicators, I also bulk purchased Learn Level 2 and Fous4x2 (already had Fous). So after subscribing to his Pennystocking Silver Newsletter I’ve been busy going through as many of the 1,400 short video lessons, as well going back through all the other DVD series that Tim has.

So I would say since about the first of 2014 I’ve studied at least 2 to 8 (to 10) hours a day going through as much information that I can handle. I certainly notice that I’m working because even though I’m just sitting on my ass most of the day, I swear I’m losing weight and I’m hungry like every couple hours. My brain is in fucking over load, and hell yeah I’m kind of going insane. But what keeps me going? Well…. I guess it would be similar to someone learning a language, at first nothing seems to make sense, and you learn a few words here and there… but the more you immerse yourself and jump into the material the more you find yourself in a familiar world, then by noticing that you’re starting to understand the words, you get excited and you want to learn more!

Same thing with patterns and understanding how patterns play off of catalyst. Although I’ve only played a few actual stocks in my life, I can now say if I run into a possible stock that can either tank or shoot to the moon I can at least possibly 1. Predict a possible play and 2. Possibly actually play it. But what I know about learning is, you can learn and watch and read until your eye balls glaze over and turn red, if you never actually put anything learned from these DVDs into use, then what use are they to anyone?

They say practice makes perfect… not so. Perfect practice makes perfect and who the fuck is perfect? No one, but one thing I’m noticing is… the perfect plays come from following the rules. Although some variance can be applied from bouncing off the bunny trail in to WTF am I doing land, then find yourself up because of it… At least for now I’m going to follow the rules. Why the hell do I want to reinvent anything at this point in time. So when am I going to start trading?

That’s a good question and I’m currently still working on an answer myself… I could seriously just follow Tim and everyone else into MEET for a long hold. But I do not fully understand why, and although I can chance it with Tim and hope that his high pick percentage will hold true, I can not accept such a play right now. It’s not so much about do I want the money…. I fucking want the money. But at what cost, where will my complacency start to take me with my picks if I fully allow others to tell me what is in play? In the end I don’t want to be the little bastard sucking on Tim’s hairy tit (or anyone elses) hoping to make it rich using his hard work my whole life!

No disrespect to Tim or anything at all, in fact I would guess he’d want more people with attitudes like that! But I would have to say, after stating that I’m not his fucking buddy, he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him! My relationship is purely a student in a work related category! I decided to firmly take my avatar to the one I have now Griffith (from the anime Berserk) for a few reasons… I chose this avatar because just as Griffith did in the anime I feel like I need to do in comments and chat and with about everyone else in the market… I’m not letting anyone steal my dream because of bullshit hype!

–I do not put up with having comments sent to my e-mail whining about stupid cry baby shit, I want to smash your face in! I won’t, but I don’t want to put up with that “I’m a defenseless human being with no power of my own crap!” I want others to stand up and take charge of their own lives… Those people are people I can seriously think about considering a some what friend in the end… If you read my introduction page you’ll notice that I took this avatar in the past to actually get rid of shitty friends that just want to fuck around all day, make half ass business plans that never lead anywhere, talk shit, tell me what I can’t do and then want to act like my friend at the end of the day while smoking a bowl!


In the end, I fully and totally respect those who can and DO take charge, I have immense respect for Tim putting up with bullshit to help people like me discover patterns and help fuel my other business endeavors which I would have never been able too, with the small amount of money I was making (and still kind of am). In the end this information for me will make me a multimillionaire many many times over because of my connections with other mentors in the marketing arena!

So parting words… The learning curve is brutal when you take it seriously… It hurts my fucking brain all day long, it gets some what boring some times, but just when you think that and you’re ready to fall asleep, a small tid bit sneaks in and reminds you that this is possible! So I guess I’m done talking shit and giving you a current run down of my penny stock learning curve!

I’m going to leave you with a quote from the actual character that I find absolutely perfect for this rant! Then I left the actual scene where all this is sad… I think the person who quoted and wrote this down, got a few things mixed up maybe… but whatever right?

Griffith Quote About Friendship and Stock Trading“It is my perception that a true friend never relies on another’s dream. A person with the potential to be my true friend must be able to find his reason for life. And, he would have to put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. He would never hesitate to fight for his dream, even against me. For me, a true friend is one who stands equal on those terms.” – Griffith from the anime Berserk