Jacuzzi Stock Gone Nuts

Jacuzzi Walk in Bath Tubs Stock Sinks Big Time

Jacuzzi, American Standard Walkin TubsSo I was checking out all the major bathroom and walk in bath based investment stocks and I found a few trends. 1st just don’t go there and 2nd re-read the 1st trend.

Why should you not invest in a walk in bath tub stock? The reason is clear. They are very useful for the people who use them, but no one really cares to get in with a IPO for any reason at all. The best way to really check if one should invest in a stock like Jacuzzi, or even American Standard, is that you need to look deeper into the reason you want to invest. I mean if you just jump into the 3 feet of bathtub water you’ll notice is all about sales and nothing about boosting up the cheerleader crowd. Elderly people constantly are raving about how wonderful their walkin bath tub experience is, but that gives no real information on what is proper when it comes to investing in places like Envy, or Theratub or even Meditub.

The best way to get the most out of your experience in the bathroom investing world is to check out maybe Timothy Sykes. He can help you really get that down. For more information about him, I’d suggest clicking on a link on the side bar or at the top of the page. For now just realize that their is more then meets the eye when it comes to bath tub services and senior centers.

When you get to the point of checking out say Jacuzzi’s walk in baths on the site, you’ll notice that there is more products, yet less stock sales then one would first imagine, the more people buy into these walk-in-bath tub stocks the more the big boys sell off and leave you holding the bag of shit. Get to the point and get to it now.


I was checking out another way that you could discover the great benefits and healing of walk in tubs and accessible awesomeness. Investing in your health is the greatest way to really take the bull by the horns right? So check into investing into a walk in bath that fixes your solutions you need. But don’t buy into the hype of the way to invest in them. There is no reason to just let a company like American Tubs or Bentley to just take your money.

Also don’t let Grandma invest in her favorite Aqua bath IPO when it comes out. She’ll be mightily disappointed but so will you. Get the best when it comes stocks, or you maybe using a walk in tub to find greater clarity when your back gives out because of the stress of losing so much on a stupid trade.

Update #2:

So we spoke with the company which is located in Golden, CO and we also found a very special individual operating out of this area too that can relieve a lot of pain in the body. So we decided to go talk with her, she runs and owns a massage business right on the corner of Lakewood and Golden. Shes been in the field of massage for almost 15 years and she has many clients who really enjoy using their tubs after a session. So we decided to also create a reach out for her business as the website listed here is also doing so, check out Golden CO Massage and/or Embodiwork Massage.

-Griffith “the trader” Hawk